[Review] Sony Ericsson J230i

[Review] Sony Ericsson J230i

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In the mobile world, 3 seems to be the number to choose when releasing new mobile phones. Not one, not two, but three! Handsets these days always come in three’s. The next batch from Sony Ericsson doesn’t differ, starting with the entry level J220i and J230i handsets. They are different handsets (only by a little, though) hence the one review for both handsets. As I already said these two are entry level handsets, so don’t expect state of the art features!

The J220i/J230i handsets are designed for ease of use. They have simple features that are commonly used by consumers, like alarm clock, MMS messaging, and a colour display to top it all off. Both handsets have a 128 x 128 pixel 65,536 colour LCD display which is be perfect for viewing messages and using the menu. The handset also comes with loud polyphonic ring tones to ensure you never miss a call again.

Both handsets, surprisingly, use Sony Ericsson’s new Fast Port interface. This is great news as it now means that Sony Ericsson are phasing out the old design on all new models, not just higher-end handsets. The Fast Port interface is a single port at the bottom of the handset in stead of a different plug for charging/data. It brings them both together and looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing let alone easier to insert/remove!

GPRS and a WAP 1.2.1 browser come as standard on the J220i/J230i, so you can browse the internet and download tones, wallpapers, and read the latest headlines. You could even download themes which are supported on the J220i and J230i. With GPRS comes MMS, and both handsets support this messaging format. SMS is also included with T9 predictive text.

The J220i and J230i all have an alarm clock, organizer, calculator, picture phone book, speakerphone, task application, and timer. They both support animated screensavers.

You might be curios as to what the difference between the two handsets is. Well, the J230i has an FM stereo radio, that’s it! They look slightly different, but that’s only a minor difference. Both have StyleUp™ cover compatibility so you can change the look all you like by clicking on another cover.

m.p. Razlog zasto sam ovo postovao je taj sto je SE konacno odlucio da napravi telefon sa lako promenljivim maskama! Konacno!

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