Najbolja vestacka saka do sad

Najbolja vestacka saka do sad

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Scientists develop better artificial hand
Sep 8, 2005, 0:20 GMT

LONDON, England (UPI) -- British researchers have developed an ultra-light limb that can mimic the movements of a real hand better than any now available.

Currently available prosthetic hands are either simple mimics that look like a hand but don`t move, or moving hands that have a simple single-motor grip.

Medical Physicist Paul Chappell of the University of Southampton says his prototype hand uses six sets of motors and gears so each of the five fingers move independently.

The new hand, called the `Southampton Remedi-Hand`, can be connected to arm muscles via a small processing unit and is controlled by small muscle contractions that move the wrist.

'With this hand you can clutch objects such as a ball, you can move the thumb out to one side and grip objects with the index finger in the way you do when opening a lock with a key, and you can wrap your fingers around an object in what we call the power grip -- like the one you use when you hold a hammer or a microphone,' said Chappell.

The research was presented Wednesday during a physics conference at the University of Greenwich.


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