As You Slowly Slip Into Madness

As You Slowly Slip Into Madness

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"Pepito, is everything ok?" Nod. "Nothing's wrong, nothing you want to tell me about?" Shake. "So why is your picture all black? Pepito?"

"Oh no, don't cry! No, don't cry, I'm not mad at you Pepito, this is a beautiful drawing. No, no.... you're not in trouble, no... look here, blow your nose, ok, it's a beautiful drawing, yeah... if there's anything you want to tell me, it's ok, ok?"

"So can you tell me why your house is all black?"

"Because... I ate all the other colors..."

They're lunatics, dammit!

There is absolutely nothing like really getting into some good wife-wakes-you-up-the-FUN-way-sex and hearing your kid *knock* on the door and call out for you, loudly. Irritated. Like she's been standing there calling out for a few minutes. "I need some WATER, MOMMY!"


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