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AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks.

AbiWord 2.4.4 - HomePage - Download - Screenshots - Free - 5MB

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AbiWord v2.4.6

The changes from v2.4.5 to v2.4.6 include, amongst others:

# Fix IDEF vulnerabilities IDEF1613 and IDEF1614 in the MS Word import library wvWare
# Fix a longstanding bug that made AbiWord crash on Windows when the WordPerfect plugin was installed
# Massive updates to the OpenDocument, WML, XSL-FO and AbiCommand plugins

Homepage: http://www.abisource.com/

Cool Cool Cool

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ja imam boot verziju na USB-u dobra fora i program je ok srusi se ponekad uglavnom kada se nesto importuje u njega tipa slike ili excel chart-a

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Dobra stavr je kao sto rece oblak da moze se naci i verzija bez instalacije

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AbiWord 2.6.5

AbiWord 2.6 is a multi-platform word processor that combines state-of-the-art usability, powerful features, and excellent interoperability. Furthermore, it features a powerful framework for supporting custom extensions. AbiWord v2.6.5 is the latest stable release, which compared to v2.6.4 contains a good number of bugfixes and a couple of new features.

This release includes the following changes (and more!):

# Added our first iteraton of an Office Open XML filter. Features supported are: formatted text, formatted paragraphs, page breaks, columns, tab stops, footnotes, endnotes, headers/footers, fields, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, lists, tables, and text boxes.
# Vastly improved LaTeX export filter, which even supports exporting equations now.
# Fixed a couple of annoying crashes in the GTK frontend, for example when overwriting a file or inserting a symbol.
# Fixed a bug that prevented the correct shaping of glyphs for complex scripts such as Arabic.

Note for Windows 95, 98 and ME users: AbiWord 2.6 is currently not available for your operating system. Please continue using AbiWord 2.4.6 instead.

Download: http://www.abiword.com/download/

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AbiWord 2.6.6

# Fix a bug that caused scrolling in the opposite direction when scrolling quickly on Unix platforms.
# Fix a bug which caused the Office Open XML exporter to conflict with other exporters.
# Various tweaks to the OpenDocument importer.

Download: http://www.abiword.com/

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AbiWord 2.6.8

# Fix the auto-save feature to actually work and respect the user-selected time interval
# Properly export table border and cell styles for OpenDocument documents
# Make sure the Office Open XML exporter writes out valid documents
# Fix a great number of memory leaks
( http://www.abiword.com/release-notes/2.6.8.phtml )

Download: http://www.abiword.com/download/

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AbiWord 2.7.10


*  Bug 12321: Annotation hover box too large (Martin Sevior)
* Allow empty titles, authors or descriptions in annotations (Marc Maurer)
* Bug 12322: Jump to annotation is broken (Martin Sevior)
* Bug 12324: Scrolling from page to page does not work using multipage (Martin Sevior)


    * Bug 12150: Implement the annotations preview dialog (Marc Maurer)

Office Open XML (docx)

    * Extended document validity checking (Firat Kiyak)


    * Add a Basque translation to the Windows installer (Mikel Pascual)


    * Don't expand all items in the Open Shared Documents dialog when reopening it (Marc Maurer)
    * Re-enable the code that checks for AbiCollab protocol incompatibilities (Marc Maurer)
    * Bug 12317: Can't edit collaboratively added equation. Warning: this bumps the AbiCollab protocol version, making it incompatible with previous 2.7.x releases. (Marc Maurer)
    * Bug 12294: Don't overwrite read only access control (Marc Maurer)
    * Bug 12308: Fix memory leak in Open Shared Documents dialogs (Marc Maurer)
    * Fix memory leak in Share dialog on Windows (Marc Maurer)
    * Bug 12323: Save As dialog gives an error (Marc Maurer)
    * Don't silently ignore the request to open an already opened shared document. Instead, raise the frame which has the document already in it (Marc Maurer)
    * Bug 12264: Crash when disconnecting TCP client account (Marc Maurer)
    * Fix hang on exit on Windows when having 1 TCP server account (Marc Maurer)
    * Bug 12326: Memory error when deleting TCP client account (Marc Oude Kotte)


Dopuna: 13 Feb 2010 22:39

AbiWord 2.8.2

* Core:
> Editing/Layout -
- Fix German smart-quotes (Patrik Fimml)
- Bug 12552: fp_TextRun::itemize() leaks memory (Obin Hickory)
- Bug 12508: Prevent some crashes in recent-files code (Paul Bolle)
- Bug 12346: Pressing TAB removes text in the Windows version (Martin Sevior)

>Collaboration -
- Support non-TLS connections for the abicollab service backend (Marc Maurer)

* GUI:
- Bump the copyright date to 2010 (sum1)
- Bug 12551: Fix a memory leak in the menu code (Patrik Fimml)

> Windows -
- Fix a potential crash in the Windows menu code (Marc Maurer)

> GTK+ -
- Bug 10377: Fix GTK+ landscape printing (again) (Patrik Fimml)
- Bug 12501: Fix GTK+ build to work without PATH_MAX (e.g. Hurd) (Patrik Fimml, sum1)
- Fix paths to the offline documentation (Patrik Fimml)
- Add an abiword(1) manpage and install it (Patrik Fimml)
- Restore/fix the AbiWidget focus grabbing behaviour (Daniel Drake)
- Prevent selection events to be emitted by the AbiWidget during smart quote operation (Martin Sevior)

> Maemo -
- Fix a bug whereby AbiWord crashes when the user tries to load the font chooser dialog box while having text with multiple fonts/font styles selected (Ersin Akinci).

* Import/Export:
> OpenDocument -
- Bug 12488: Set the office:version to 1.1 (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12489: svg:title and svg:desc are exported in wrong order (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 11883: Section/paragraph numbers not imported. This fixes bugs when dealing with complex numbered lists. (Martin Sevior)

> Office OpenXML -
- Fix two crashes that occurred when importing the file from bug 12502 (sum1)

> RTF -
- Bug 9581: Assert when importing document (Obin Hickory)

> HTML -
- Don't allow non-numeric font-sizes when importing from HTML. If a non-numeric font-size is found, use a fall-back sane number (Martin Sevior)

* Plugins:
> GNOME Office -
- Fix contextual menu problems that made charts uneditable (Jean Bréfort)
- Fix goffice object snapshots (Jean Bréfort)
- Adapt to the new goffice API (Jean Bréfort)

> Equation Editor -
- Bug 12380: Equations are slightly larger in print than on screen (Patrik Fimml)

> Grammar Checker -
- Bug 12558 Grammar plugin leaks memory (Obin Hickory)

> Internationalization -
- Add Mandika (Senegal) translation to the list of supported languages (Marc Maurer)
- Update the Mandinka Senegal (mnk-SN) translation (Dominique Rochefort)
- Update the Esperanto translation (Keith Bowes)
- Update the Portugese (pt-PT) translation (Pedro Lino)
- Update the Slovak translation (Jaroslav Rynik)
- Update the German translation (Volker Ribbert).

> Development -
- Maintain and release 2.8.2 (Marc Maurer)
- The plugin.m4 file from the grammar plugin is not included in the tarball (Marc Maurer)
- Bug 12447: Source tarball doesn't include NIB files (Obin Hickory)
- Bug 12446: Compile error (gr_CocoaCairoGraphics.cpp) on Snow Leopard (Obin Hickory)
- Fix OSX plugin system to use xcode (Obin Hickory)
- Bug 12537: SunOS is not defined for src/af/util/xp/ut_endian.h ('The Written Word')
- Kill off gucharmap support, which fixes crashes with gucharmap < 2.24. Their API is not stable, which means we can't depend on it to work (Marc Maurer, sum1)
- Bug 12550: configure override CXX (Obin Hickory)
- Try to detect libpng so that we support 1.2.x and 1.4.x (Fridrich Strba)
- Fix unused variable warnings (sum1, Patrik Fimml)
- Update code comments (sum1)
- Add an additional "break" option to the assert prompt (Patrik Fimml)

Download: http://www.abisource.com/

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AbiWord 2.8.5

- Novosti & Ispravke -

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AbiWord 2.8.6

# Core
* Preserve character properties when typing. This fixes a bad regression that was introduced in 2.8.5. (Martin Sevior)

* Maintain and release 2.8.6. (Marc Maurer)

Download: http://www.abisource.com/

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