Arm Map Explorer

Arm Map Explorer

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Arm Map Explorer 1.0

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Arm Map Explorer recreates all the functionalities of Google Maps on your desktop and adds extras. Arm Map Explorer is an application that lets you locate and view almost any object on the planet with the help of interactive maps.

These maps are draggable, meaning no need to click and wait for graphics to reload each time you want to view adjacent parts of a map. Viewing locations on maps in Map Explorer resembles the way you use a regular street map.

In addition to the features offered by Google Maps, Map Explorer allows you to view a map with a coordinate grid on it, get precise coordinates of any location on the map and move to a location based on specified coordinates.

With the help of the object tree, you can instantly locate and view capitals of states, large cities, world landmarks, monuments, international airports and other locations. You can save a map as a file or print it to use on a trip. Map Explorer can help you study geography, both physical and economic.

The program will display a satellite view of any location that you can zoom in and out and pan in any direction.
velik je samo 0.98MB Freeware
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