AviSynth Batch Scripter

AviSynth Batch Scripter

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AviSynth Batch Scripter v0.4.0

AviSynth Batch Scripter: All you'll ever need for batch creating AviSynth and any other script files! Every time you make changes to your script files or simply need new ones! Just run AviSynth Batch Scripter to (re-)create all of your script files. You can scan your entire harddrive for movies (or any other file!) that you want a script file created (or replaced) for and select a predefined template for all of your scripts and purposes.

- added "intellisense" listbox! Now recognises AviSynth filter words in Scriptbox and suggests (and completes) your filter word
- added function to expand script window, for more room when scripting
- added functional variable %PATH% (replaced by path of clipfile when auto-building scripts) as variable in script template
- if template path setting in settings.ini is non existant, now load default.avt in Templates directory
- moved setting to separate screen (available in menu file > settings or settings button)

licence: freeware


download - 1.6 MB

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