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CCEnhancer 3.5

CCEnhancer 3.5 fixes several bugs, adds support for Simplified Chinese and introduces a new feature. You can now add custom cleaning rules to CCleaner/Bleachbit without losing them when CCEnhancer’s definitions are updated. Simply create a file called ‘custom.ini’ inside CCEnhancer’s directory; any custom rules added to that file will be merged with winapp2.ini in all CCleaner/Bleachbit directories.

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CCEnhancer 3.6

CCEnhancer 3.6 is a minor maintenance release to update some localizations and improve the accessibility of the interface.
· Added Croatian localization.
· Added tooltip descriptions to the user interface.
· Updated Italian localization.
· Added keyboard shortcuts for primary functions.

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CCEnhancer 4.3 (English only)

CCEnhancer 4.3.2 (Multilingual)

CCEnhancer 4.3 is a minor release focusing on localization updates and several small bug fixes. We’re also happy to announce that CCEnhancer has been tested on Window 10 (specifically build 10125) and works perfectly, as long as the user has administrator rights.
- Updated Russian, Italian, Dutch and Georgian translations
- Fixed several untranslatable menu items
- Minor bug fixes related to date handling and memory use

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CCEnhancer 4.4.1 (English only)

  -  Updated Simplified Chinese, Croatian and French translations
  - Minor bug fixes
  -  Minor UI corrections

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