MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool

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MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool 1.0

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool - Free program for video quality measurements. Supports different input formats (AVI, AVS, YUV, BMP) and metrics (PSNR, Delta, VQM, SSIM, MSU Blurring / Blocking Measure).

Main features: results are saved in *.CSV (can be opened everywhere), all metrics are visualized, comparative analysis (comparison of three files: original, and two other, for example processed by different codecs).

Program allow to answer on questions:
· One codec has more blurring than another. On what frames? Average mark?
· One codec has more blocking than another. On what frames? Average mark?
· One codec has more lower quality than another. On what frames? Average mark in PSNR, VQM, SSIM?

Correspondent "bad frames" are saved automatically into BMP files.

Supported video formats:

*.RSV (scientific)
*.BMP (RGB24)
Supported metrics (and color spaces):
PSNR (Y,U,V,L,R,G,B) - most popular
Delta (Y,U,V,L, R,G,B)
SSIM (Y) - new
VQM (Y) - new
MSU Blurring (Y,U,V) - new
MSU Blocking (Y,U,V) - new

Here are some key features of "MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool":

· Results are saved in *.CSV (can be opened everywhere)
· All metrics are visualized (very useful for codec and filter debugging)
· Main feature for codec lovers: comparative analysis (!!!) Now everybody in 5 minutes is able to demonstrate that one codec is better than another! It's easy:
· Set "comparative analysis" and select original, and sequences after compression with codec A and codec B (recommended more than 10000 frames).
· Select metric (recommended Y-PSNR)
· Select "Save bad frames" (in "Advanced" dialog you could specify for which sequence value of the metric must be greater) - pairs of frames with maximum metric difference (A>B) will be detected and saved.
· Press "Process", find output frames and select best pairs
· Upload frames to your favorite forum.
· Done!
· If you want to prove, that codec B is better than A just swap compressed files in metric form fields. Smile Codec and filter developers can use this feature for tuning (fast codec/filter update testing).

licence: freeware

download (365kb)

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