Najbolji programi-Anonymizer 2005 Stvarno najbolji!!!


Najbolji programi-Anonymizer 2005 Stvarno najbolji!!!

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Dopuna: 24 Feb 2005 6:38

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a method in which all information between you and a

website is encrypted. Anonymizer 2005 uses 128-bit SSL technology, the most secure

form of SSL available, to ensure the highest level of protection and anonymity.

Therefore, only your computer can view any data being sent to or from it.

Anonymizer 2005 redirects your web traffic through our secure servers, hiding your

online identity. Identity thieves, aggressive marketers, hackers and online snoops

are prevented from accessing your personal information and viewing your Internet

# Anonymous surfing - Keeps your IP, or Internet address, unlisted so you can surf

the Internet without being tracked and keep your online activities private.

# Wireless security - Secures your data sent over a wireless connection while surfing

at home, at work or at the local coffee shop.

# Automatic protection - Starts automatically when you turn on your PC and runs

silently in the background without slowing down your Internet connection for

hassle-free security.

# Easy to use - Makes anonymous surfing a snap for even novice users so you can start

surfing anonymously with a single click of a button. Set it and forget it!

Dopuna: 27 Feb 2005 3:48

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