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RJ TextEd 7.50

Napredni besplatni tekst editor, dostupan kao instaler i portabl.


Auto completion.
Code folding.
Column mode.
Multi edit and multi select
Advanced sorting.
Handles both ASCII and binary files.
CSS and HTML wizards.
CSS and HTML preview using internal IE, Firefox 4 and Chrome browsers.
FTP and SFTP client with synchronization.
File explorer, text clips, code explorer, project manager...
Convert between code pages, Unicode formats and text formats.
Unicode and ANSI code page detection.
Open/Save UTF-8 encoded files without a signature (BOM).
Unicode file paths and file names.
HTML validation, format and repair.
Tools available like syntax editor, color picker, charmap...

Homepage: http://www.rj-texted.se/
Download: http://www.rj-texted.se/download.htm

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RJ TextEd 7.60

- Space will now close the list and insert a space character. To select an item use <enter>.
- Fixed issues in the macro manager. You can now record a macro over an old one. Select the macro name in the macro window and record.
- Redesigned the word count window and added a word frequency list. Also added a column to display the number of finds of each word.
- You can now set individual settings for different file types.
- Added a new item to just rename the file. The old item has been renamed and still rename and moves the file using a save file dialog.
- The tab key can now be used to switch focus between left and right file list. Files can now be selected using Ctrl+Space.
- The Firefox embedding libraries are now included with the program. This should solve all problems with preview of pages containing embedded objects like videos or PDF documents. Also, you don't need to have Firefox installed anymore.
- Updated the embedding libraries. If Google Chrome is installed - its own flash player is used. This will prevent the program from crashing if you preview flash content in both Firefox and Chrome preview.
- Selected text is now duplicated as well. If no selection is made, only the current line is duplicated.
- Added an option to always scroll document text if the mouse cursor is hovering the document. The document doesn't need to have focus.
- Added a new macro menu item to play a macro several times. When executed you are asked to enter how many times the macro should be played.
- Added a button to the replace dialog to only replace once. This can be useful if you only want to replace one more string and then stop. The replace confirmation dialog is the window you see when starting a normal replace, asking you to replace the text.
- Added a new option to syntax files i.e. "SymbolWordsA ... SymbolWordsC".

- New document name is now translated properly.
- Ctrl+Up/Down scrolling will now keep the text cursor visible.
- Fixed smart paste in column mode.
- Find should now work in word wrap mode.
- Issues with remote file handling.
- Open file issue with large files.
- Some search issues.
- Fixed a word count/frequency issue.
- Fixed a duplicate line issue with selected text.
- Fixed a code explorer issue.
- Fixed several other issues reported in the forum.

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RJ TextEd 7.63

- Control characters:
 · Control characters are now drawn using a filled square. You can identify the character by moving the text cursor to its position and read the character information displayed in the status bar.
- Character information in status bar:
 · Information about the current character is now displayed in the status bar. It should display the current character itself and the numeric value in both decimal and hexadecimal.
- Open/Close all folds:
 · Made the functions faster. The fold state is also updated faster when opening a file.
- Message view font:
 · You can now set the font to be used in the message view. The option is available in the (right mouse click) context menu.
 - Find next/previous occurrence of current word:
 · The search can now continue beyond end of file. A dialog will prompt the user for confirmation.
- Block selection:
 · Select a rectangular block of text while holding down the Shift+Alt keys. You can select the text using the mouse or arrow keys.
- Script functions:
 · Added 6 new functions to the "Document" object.
- Three of them are clipboard functions:
 · CutToClipboard()/CopyToClipboard()/PasteFromClipboard().
- Also added:
 · SetSelection()
 · SetColumnMode()
 · IsColumnModeActive()
- Syntax files:
 · Changed some options to be used in syntax files.
- Keywords:
 · Keywords can now be identified with regular expressions. You can only define 1 regular expression to each keyword group.
- Code folding:
 · The identifier "Fold_Begin" can now have an option @ to indicate that the fold begin character has to be the last character on the line.
- FTP:
 · Updated the FTP components to the latest version.
- Fixed:
 · Fixed a ton of reported issues.

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RJ TextEd 7.70

- Added an option in the extended search window to enable replace preview. When executing the replace, a preview window is displayed showing all changes in all files. Next to each file and text change is a checkbox allowing you to only select those changes you want to make in each file. Or you can exclude some files entirely. The preview window only have two buttons: "OK" and "Cancel". OK will commit all the selected changes.
This feature is actually pretty amazing and I don't know how we ever managed without it.
- The document switcher window is displayed when you press "Ctrl+Tab" or "Shift+Ctrl+Tab". It is closed when the Ctrl button is released. You can switch document tab as usual by hitting (Shift+)Ctrl+Tab, use up/down arrows or Home/End buttons.
The list can be unsorted or sorted. The sort can be ascending or in MRU order. It can also be turned off.
- Added a context menu like the document tab context menu already available. It also contain a few options to sort the list or display full path names.
- You can now set the color for displayed spaces, tabs and "end of line" characters in options.
I also added an option to only use the color in plain text files. If set, the current colors are used instead in source code. E.g. string color is used in strings...
- Added a menu item to open a single file from a remote server. In the opened window you enter a remote path and FTP profile.
- Selection with the mouse positioned in the left margin should now behave as in Visual Studio.
- You can now assign 2 shortcuts to each action.
- Made some changes to the option window and added the option to set a tab size (if columns are separated by spaces).
- It is now possible to turn off the result notification window for "Replace". This is done in options.
It can also be turned off with "Replace All". Set the result option, in the search dialog, to "None".
- Updated the PHP syntax files with some new constants.
- Added a preview for parameters when using the "Run as DOS command and capture output" option. Parameter variables are expanded (if possible).
- The bottom bar view can now be toggled on/off with "Shift+Alt+F10".
It is now possible to delete individual search results from the list.
- I've made several changes suggested in the forum "Feature" section and fixed several issues.

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RJ TextEd 8.01

Find menu command... (Ctrl+H):
 · Open a list with searchable menu commands. Items are listed as soon as you start typing a word. Some additional information is displayed for the selected item like full menu path, icon or check state.
 · You can also list the most recent commands used by pressing the "recent list" button or pressing "F2".

Insert text on each line:
 · "More line operations > Insert text on each line..." can be used to insert text on each selected line. Text can be inserted at the beginning or end of the lines. Incremental numbers can be inserted at the beginning of each line and may include text, e.g. "Pos 1: " or "Line 1. ". The number is incremented and the result may look like below
 · Line 1. Some text...
 · Line 2. and some more text...
 · Line 3.
 · There are several options in the dialog window to trim text or skip blank lines.

Find/Replace bar:
 · Made several changes in the find/replace bar.

Text clip macros:
 · Added a few new macros and made some additions
 · @f will get the current file name and path of the current document.
 · @i can now have a default input value.
 · @l will prompt the user using a list.

 · E.g.

 · %%
 · %file%=@f
 · %town%=@i[London] Your home town
 · %country%=@l[Denmark,Germany,UK,Sweden] You home country
 · %%

IE preview:
 · When the program is installed a registry key is added to allow the editor to use the latest IE version mode for previewing. The default is IE7, but if Internet Explorer 9 is installed, it is set to IE9. The registry key is set per application and doesn't effect any other programs.
 · It can also be set from options "Browser preview" section.

Firefox preview:
 · Updated the component and XULRunner files to version 10.

Path variables:
 · [EditorDrive] and [EditorDir] can now be used in all tool paths (Tools, External browser paths, Compare tools). This can be useful if you run the portable version from different systems.

Replace preview:
 · Added a counter to display the number of items currently selected.

Not found indication:
 · Added a visual indication when an item is not found using incremental find or the find/replace bar.

Home key option:
 · Added an option to allow the home key to move to the first non-white space position when first pressed.

 · Some minor changes in dialogs to give some text more space (some text field where to narrow when using some languages).
 · Undo unindent issue.
 · Display of some ASCII characters.
 · Show file that confirmation form asks to save on close.
 · I may have made some other minor changes...

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RJ TextEd 8.10

Margin line
The right margin line is now drawn behind the text.

Compress lines
Changed the behavior so multiple blank lines are compressed into one line.

Delete redundant lines
Added a menu item to delete redundant lines (multiple lines are replaced by one line).

Panning or mouse coasting
You can now scroll by a single middle mouse click and moving the mouse.

Chrome preview
Updated the component and libraries.

Firefox preview
Updated the XULRunner libraries.

File/Folder information
File and folder information is displayed under each view in the file commander.

Open/Close nodes in project manager
Open/Close nodes only affect the subitems in the selected node.

Sessions and session manager
You can now open and save sessions. A session will store information about open files, which view they were open in (dual document view), open project and the dual document view state.

User script
The script editor has been removed. Scripts are now opened in the main program and user script functions are located in a quickbar tab, called "User Scripts".

If the script need a target document - you should open it in the right view using dual document view. The script itself should be in the left view.

FTP and FTP profiles
Added a "Copy" button in the profile manager.
When connecting to a remote site, the user name is displayed along with the password if prompted. This enables you to edit the user name.

Added menu item in the document tab menu to clear the undo/redo buffer.
Made some changes in the undo/redo history dialog. Recent non-saved items are displayed in yellow, saved in green.

Sidebar tab options
Added options in the "View -> Bars -> Sidebar" menu to enable text captions in tabs and to position the tabs.

Spellcheck "Add" now work with Unicode.
Current macro was not updated properly if edited.
.com files are opened as text files by default.
Advanced sort didn't work properly with tab characters.
Replace prompt is not re-positioned anymore.
Rename file didn't update the current highlighter.
Parenthesis highlight issue in PHP.
Regular expression help didn't work properly in the find/replace bar.
Text clip issue with % in the clip text.
Find All didn't display anything if highlight was selected when searching in folders.
"Format XML (Tidy)" was misspelled.
Fixed a Firefox preview issue when using mappings.
Fixed some undo/redo issues in column mode.

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RJ TextEd 8.31

Text clip folder list:
 · You can assign a keyboard shortcut to a node/folder in the text clip tree. When triggered, a list of all items in the folder is displayed and you can chose anyone as in a normal auto completion window.

Find field in options:
 · Added a find field in the options window. A list will open as soon as you start typing. Each listed item have a small left aligned icon which indicates if it's a button, label, group box, radio button or a check box. When selecting item the correct page is opened and the item is focused (labels and group boxes can not be focused).

Find menu command (or the HUD):
 · Added an option to search for whole words only. Which is the default behavior in v8.20. If you uncheck the option, all strings found will be highlighted.

Context hints for "Find/Replace All" results:
 · Added context hints for find/replace output list items. The same options is used to display the context hint in find/replace and replace preview output windows.

Right text margin:
 · You can now set individual margin line settings for different file types. Available options are line type (solid,dotted), line color and position.

Select tag block (Shift+Alt+X):
 · This function will select the start tag, stop tag and everything in between. Just place the text cursor somewhere inside and trigger this function to select. A menu item is added in the "Edit -> Select" menu.

HTML image and base64 encoding:
 · In the user menu (Ctrl+Space) there is a new item "»image" that will open the HTML image dialog window to insert a image tag. The dialog can be used to insert a base64 encoded image.

Open location in Windows Explorer:
 · Added a new menu item to the Document tab menu, project context menu to open the current or selected file location in the Windows Explorer. The file is selected. The existing button in the file commander and explorer tabs to open in Windows Explorer behave the same and will open the explorer with a file selected, if any.

 · Shift+Tab will now try to unindent at the current text cursor position. Otherwise it does nothing. The behavior should be the same as in Visual Studio.

Drag n drop in document list:
 · Added drag n drop support in the sidebar document list. It only work if the list is unsorted.

Debug output:
 · If the program should hang at startup, shutdown or at some other action, you can now activate a debug output option. You can have debug data written to a log file or to a debug viewer application like "DebugView". In the program folder there is a file called "DebugOptions.txt".

 · Highlighter issue when opening a file.
 · Double click on an item in the Syntax Editor should open an edit window.
 · Tag highlighting issue when the option "Allow text cursor beyond end of line" was set.
 · Fixed minor issues in the sidebar document list.
 · Indent/Unindent issues.
 · Reopened last used files should not be added to the most recently used (MRU) list.
 · Error when deleting files in the project tree.
 · Several other minor issues

·  Word wrap issues with indention. If the window was resized narrower than the indention - the program could end up in an endless loop.
 · Tag auto completion issues. E.g. typing
· An issue with the debug output file.

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RJ TextEd 8.40

*Handle binary files in the text editor:
 · Binary files are wrapped around lines at a right margin of 80 characters. Bytes are displayed using your local ANSI code page and byte values less than 32 are displayed using symbols. You can safely edit and save the file, but with some text functions disabled, e.g. line functions (a binary file doesn't have lines), encoding and file type actions, column mode, some save actions like trim lines or convert tabs to spaces etc. You can also open a text file in binary mode. It is then treated as binary code and not as text.

*System tray menu:
 · Added a system tray menu with two items - restore and exit. I also fixed a few issues regarding close to system tray and reopen with the option to reload previously opened files.

*Home/End key option in wordwrap mode:
 · Added an option to control the behavior of the HOME and END keys in wordwrap mode. The default is to move the text cursor to the beginning or end of the current row. But you can change the option to move the text cursor to the beginning or end of line (hard returned line ended with a newline character).

*Options: highlighters, margins, font and tab settings:
 · Re-designed the option dialog to better handle settings individual for each highlighter.
 · All files now have a default set of colors in a highlighter item called (Default Colors). If no individual settings are made, the default setting are used.
 · You can reset an individual color setting to the default by pressing the "Default" button, or you can reset all settings to default.
 · Color and font styles can be saved in a color theme file in XML format.
 · You can open color theme files and set color and font styles for a highlighter (or the default colors item).
 · Several elements can now be individually highlighted, like line comments, block comments, hexadecimal numbers, numbers, characters and strings...
 · Braces can now have both a background and a foreground color. You can also set the font style.
 · All options regarding highlighters are now in the same place.
 · Font options for sidebar, dialog windows...
 · You can now set the dialog and window font and font size in options.
 · Bookmark list (Shift+F2)
 · This makes it very easy to navigate bookmarks. All bookmarks are listed in a popup window when Shift+F2 is pressed. The bookmarked line and line number are displayed in the list.

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RJ TextEd v14.30
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