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Napisano: 04 Apr 2011 17:12

TeamViewer 6.0.10462

Deploying a customized Host via the MSI package sets the computer name as partner list alias
Fixed a problem in the partner list auto login mechanism

Dopuna: 18 Apr 2011 15:39

TeamViewer 6.0.10511

Multiple predefined passwords can be set in the host module and the full version
TeamViewer Host allows to enable the random password for spontaneous access
The random password can be disabled after a connection
The connection toolbar can be moved to prevent overlapping important controls on the remote computer
The connection window can be minimized from full screen mode. By restoring the window from the taskbar it will go to full screen mode again
An active screensaver on the remote computer will be canceled on an incoming connection
Other minor fixes and improvements

Dopuna: 31 Maj 2011 15:38

TeamViewer 6.0.10722

The automatic language selection now bases on the system language instead of the format settings
The desktop icon won't be restored during a version update anymore
Some layout fixes for right-to-left layout dialogs
Some text adjustments for easier understanding
Other minor fixes and improvements

Dopuna: 23 Avg 2011 23:24

TeamViewer 6.0.11052

Introduces a better workflow for the setup of presentations
Invitation e-mail messages can now be copied to the clipboard
Remote input can now be disabled when enabling the black screen
Desktop wallpapers are restored correctly
Other minor fixes and improvements

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TeamViewer 6.0.11656

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Napisano: 06 Dec 2011 9:03

TeamViewer 7.0.12189

Arabic and Hebrew language added
Adjustments for 120dpi layout
Fixed some possible crashes


New features: Remote Control
Drag & Drop Even Faster
Simply drag each desired file from and into the remote control window and drop it exactly where you want it.
Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support
Do you and your clients both work with two or more screens? Then simply display multiple remote screens on a 1:1 scale on your own monitors - simultaneously and without toggling.
Save Connection Settings per Computer
You can now store individual connection settings for each computer in your computers & contacts list. Thereby, saving you valuable time for all further connections to the same computers.
Integrated Screenshot Feature
Create a screenshot at any moment during a remote control session. Thus, snapshots of the remote screen are acquired at lightning speed.
AVI Converter
Convert your recorded sessions into AVI format and then edit your videos at will.
Movable TeamViewer Panel
Position your TeamViewer Panel wherever you like on your local monitors so that you can see every important screen area at any time.
Performance Improvement
Especially direct connections and file transfer are now even faster due to optimization of data packets and display settings.
Optimized performance with TeamViewer Manager
Huge speed increases, especially for large databases. Through optimized database requests, TeamViewer Manager is now up to 4x faster.

New features: Meetings and Presentations
Instant Meeting
With just one click, you can start your meeting even before adding any participants - ideal for preparation and testing. Invite your colleagues, business partners or clients on the fly.
Schedule Meetings
Schedule your meetings and send invitations directly from your email client. Use the new "My Meetings" functionality in your TeamViewer account to maintain the perfect overview of all your planned meetings. Transfer your appointments automatically to your Outlook calendar.
Up To 25 Participants
Invite up to 25 participants to your meeting. From marketing presentations with potential new clients in a personal 1:1 scale, to large international meetings, anything is possible.
Mobile Participation On The Road
With the new TeamViewer Apps for iPhone, iPad (coming soon) and Android, participation in meetings is possible at any time from the road. That way, you and your colleagues will never again miss important discussions.
Presenter – Organizer – Participant
Assign different rights to your participants during a meeting. Name one participant the organizer. This person will have expanded rights in order to support you during the meeting. Alternatively you can give another participant the presenter role so that this person can share their screen.
Communication Tools
Now all participants can see and hear each other. During a meeting, they are connected via Voice over IP and Webcam. Additional tools, such as chat, whiteboard or telephone conferences, support the acoustic and visual exchange of ideas. Choose from a variety of communication tools for lively meetings and presentations.
File Box
Would you like to make files available for download during a meeting? Simply copy the desired documents into the shared file box via Drag & Drop and easily and quickly exchange them at will.
Record Presentations
Record your screen presentations and convert your video into the AVI format. This way, you can edit your videos at will.
Movable TeamViewer Panel
When presenting your entire screen, just drag your TeamViewer Panel to each desired position – even, for example, to a second monitor, to have a complete view of all the important screen areas.


Licenses, Updates and Backward Compatibility
TeamViewer 7 users can still establish remote control connections with TeamViewer 3, 4, 5 and 6.
However, for technical and licensing reasons, a connection in the other direction, i.e., from TeamViewer 3, 4, 5 and 6 to TeamViewer 7, is not possible.
The new meeting features are only supported by TeamViewer 7. Due to the large amount of new features, meetings with version 7 are not compatible with any previous versions due to technical reasons.

Dopuna: 22 Jan 2012 3:02

TeamViewer 7.0.12541

For the Black and whitelist it is possible to select whether to apply the settings for meetings as well
TeamViewer will start up faster
Video camera is only being blocked when really necessary
Each remote support session gets its own chat widget on the supporter’s side
Remote background color is now blue instead of black
When not presenting the whole screen, the background is grey with an overlay
Weblinks in the chat window are recognized and clickable
Added a context menu for the chat window
Access control settings for connections to other computers can be set for the Host module
Fixed: Problem with VPN connections where no Windows user was logged on
Fixed: QuickConnect button shares only the appropriate application again
Fixed: Problems with session recording
Fixed: Scrollbar behavior in full screen mode
Fixed: Problem when connecting to a computer after a RDP session
Fixed: Several layout issues
Other minor fixes and improvements

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Odličan program.A ima opciju da isključi exit tako da može da posluži i u neke druge svrhe(nemogu da dajem ideje).Onda u opcijama može da se podesi da lozinka može biti isključena.

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TeamViewer 7.0.13852

· Improvements and usability optimizations for the video functionality
· Improved audio quality
· Faster startup of Computers & Contacts list
· Reliable shutdown and restart of the remote computer in case other programs freeze during shutdown
· Drag & Drop of files out of an email onto the remote computer
· Fixed: Various display and text errors
· Various other minor fixes and improvements

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Napisano: 28 Avg 2012 9:44

TeamViewer 7.0.14484

· New layout and possibilities within the undocked video window
· The current chat window stays focused, also when another message comes in
· In case of connection loss, channels are being set free more reliable
· After an incoming connection, the main TeamViewer window doesn’t come up anymore
· No more wrong message box about a missing drive within the file transfer
· Improved reboot liability
· Various other minor fixes and improvements

Dopuna: 24 Okt 2012 15:06

TeamViewer 7.0.15723

- Updates are installed automatically
- TeamViewer Accounts don't require a username anymore
- Various other minor fixes and improvements

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TeamViewer 8.0.16447

# New features:
* Session handover from one expert to another
- Invite a colleague to an active remote control session to resolve a support case together. If necessary, you can hand over the session completely.
* Comment on sessions for billing documentation
- Enter your comments immediately after closing the remote control session. In your TeamViewer Management Console you will find all the information clearly documented, e.g. for billing. Platform-comprehensive for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.
* Share selected groups with other TeamViewer accounts
- Do you provide service to your clients together with colleagues? Now it is easy to share individual groups on your computers & contacts list with the team, so that your colleagues have quick access on shared client computers. Read or write permissions can be set individually.
* Easy remote printing in your home office
- Simply print out documents from remote computers on the printer next to you, e.g. while connecting to your office from home, without having to transfer files. You will always have all the important documents for a meeting or a client visit on hand, even if you have forgotten them at the office.
* Schedule online meetings easily in Microsoft Outlook
- Now you can plan your online meetings directly in your Outlook calendar via the integrated TeamViewer button. Briefly convert existing appointments into TeamViewer meetings and send the updated invitation conveniently with the necessary access information.
* Session recording, including sound and video for perfect documentation
- Record both, online meetings and remote control sessions, including sound, VoIP, and videos. Ideal for proofs and training in the near and distant future.
* Remote sound and video
- Hear and see what is happening on the remote computer, whether it is a system sound, music, or videos. You can now show your participants a video in real-time during an online presentation, depending on computer performance and internet connection.
- Video transmission in real-time is only possible in licensed connections.
* Remote account logout
- View current logins to your TeamViewer account in the TeamViewer Management Console. Close them later if you happen to have forgotten to log out of your account when having worked on another device.
* Automatically log out of operating systems after remote access
- The remote computer is automatically locked instantly if the connection is closed or interrupted. This ensures that no one gains unintended access to the Mac or Windows computer you were just connected to.
# Completely new: The TeamViewer Management Console
* web-based administration of your entire support team
* integrated TeamViewer Web Connector
* expanded TeamViewer Manager features


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TeamViewer 8.0.17292

- The comment window doesn’t open a browser window anymore
- Groups shared with a contact can be listed from the contact’s context menu
- The Management Console can be opened directly from the menu
- Additional placeholders (e.g. meeting start time or custom phone conference data) can be used within the custom meeting invitation
- Postscript printers can be used with remote printing
- The Outlook Add In now supports Microsoft Outlook 64-bit edition
- Custom QuickSupport now supports even longer disclaimers
- Other minor improvements and fixes

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TeamViewer 8.0.17396

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TeamViewer 8.0.18930

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