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InnoTek VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Not only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).

Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows and Linux 32-bit hosts and supports a large number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6), and OpenBSD.

VirtualBox pod Vistom u VirtualBoxu pod XPom Smile

Windows verzija: 11MB

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Napisano: 09 Apr 2009 15:07

VirtualBox 1.5.6

Change Log:

* GUI: xed several error messages
* GUI: xed registration dialog crashes once and for all
* GUI: really ask before resetting the VM
* GUI: release mouse and keyboard before the host activates the screensaver
* GUI: xed issue with license display on big screens
* GUI: added setting for network name for internal networks
* GUI: added setting for network device type
* GUI: keyboard xes
* GUI: seamless mode and fullscreen mode xes
* GUI: xed soaked hostkey keyup event under certain conditions
* GUI: more informative message dialog buttons
* GUI: VM selector context menu
* VBoxSDL: added -termacpi switch
* VBoxSDL: xed automatic adaption of the guest screen resolution to the size of the VM window
* VMM: under heavy guest activity, for example when copying les to/from a shared folder, the VM could crash with an assertion
* VMM: added an option to select PIIX4 (improves compatibility with Windows guests created by VMware)
* VMM: xed a bug which could lead to memory corruption under rare circumstances
* VMM: improved performance of Solaris guests
* VRDP: xed a 1.5.4 regression: VRDP client and server were out-of-sync if the VM was started using the GUI
* VRDP: proper error handling if the VRDP library could not be loaded
* VBoxManage: xed crash during clonevdi
* VBoxManage: added list runningvms command
* VBoxManage: improved the compatibility when reading the partition table of a raw disk
* Shared Folders: added support for read-only shared folders
* Shared Clipboard: several xes
* Network: experimental support for E1000 device emulation
* iSCSI: better check for miscongured targets
* iSCSI: allow to directly attach to internal networks with integrated mini IP stack
* PulseAudio: dont hang during VM initialization if no sound server is available
* VDI: xed sized virtual disk images are now completely written during creation to workaround buggy sparse le handling on some OS (e.g. Vista)
* VDI/VMDK: prevent indexing of .vdi and .vmdk les on Windows hosts
* RDP: xed compilation of the Linux rdesktop client on newer Linux kernels
* RDP: install rdesktop-vrdp on Linux hosts
* ACPI: added sleep button event
* Serial: proper handling of inaccessible host devices
* Windows installer: allow smooth upgrade without deinstallation
* Linux installer: xed Slackware detection regression
* Linux installer: updated VBoxTunctl allowing to assign a tap device to a group on Linux kernels > 2.6.23
* Windows additions: several xes, in particular for Windows NT4
* Linux additions: xed installer for Kubuntu 8.04
* Linux additions: add default video mode for handling video mode hints from the host
* Linux host: compatibility xes with Linux > 2.6.24

Download x86:

Download 64-bit:

Dopuna: 04 Avg 2008 9:43

VirtualBox 1.6.4

* AMD-V, VT-x: stability fixes
* Shared Folders: fixed host crash (Solaris host only, bugs #1336, #1646)
* Shared Folders: fixed BSOD when debugging with Visual Studio (bug #1627)
* Shared Folders: fixed BSOD when compiling on a shared folder (bug #1683)
* Shared Folders: several fixes/stability improvements
* SATA: fixed a race that could cause an occasional Windows guest system hang
* SATA: fixed spurious BIOS log messages
* Networking: fixed NIC tracing with NAT interfaces (bug #1790)
* USB: fixed crash under certain conditions when unplugging a USB device (bug #1295)
* Settings: fixed bug when converting 1.5.x settings
* RDP: fixed enabling the RDP server during runtime
* RDP: properly detect the rdesktop 1.6.0 RDP client
* RDP: fixed RDP crash (bug #1521)
* RDP: updated modified rdesktop client to version 1.6.0
* GUI: NLS improvements
* BIOS: added SMBIOS header to make Solaris and Vista recognize the DMI data
* ACPI: properly hide a disabled floppy controller
* VMM: small fixes to protected mode without paging
* VMDK: fixed handling of .vmdk images without UUIDs
* Windows hosts: fixed driver parameter validation issue in VBoxDrv.sys that could allow an attacker on the host to crash the system
* Windows hosts: installer now contains web service examples mentioned in the manual
* Linux hosts: properly deregister the Linux kernel module before uninstalling a Linux deb/rpm package
* Linux hosts: kernel module works now with Linux 2.6.27
* Linux hosts: fixed a typo in the vboxnet setup script for host network interfaces (bug #1714)
* Linux hosts: fixed usage of tar in installer (bug #1767)
* Linux hosts: fixed long guest shutdown time when serial port is enabled
* Solaris hosts: refuse to install in Sun xVM hypervisor dom0
* Solaris hosts: accept Solaris raw disks when for raw disk access
* Windows additions: made installation of shared folders more robust
* Windows additions: improved installation
* Linux additions: accept every user-defined guest video mode in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
* Linux additions: fixed startup order for recent Linux distributions (e.g. openSUSE 11)


Dopuna: 09 Apr 2009 15:07

VirtualBox 2.2.0

This version is a major update. The following major new features were added:

* OVF (Open Virtualization Format) appliance import and export (see chapter 3.8, Importing and exporting virtual machines, User Manual page 55)
* Host-only networking mode (see chapter 6.7, Host-only networking, User Manual page 88)
* Hypervisor optimizations with signi?cant performance gains for high context switching rates
* Raised the memory limit for VMs on 64-bit hosts to 16GB
* VT-x/AMD-V are enabled by default for newly created virtual machines
* USB (OHCI & EHCI) is enabled by default for newly created virtual machines (Qt GUI only)
* Experimental USB support for OpenSolaris hosts
* Shared folders for Solaris and OpenSolaris guests
* OpenGL 3D acceleration for Linux and Solaris guests (see chapter 4.8, Hardware 3D acceleration (OpenGL), User Manual page 70)
* Added C API in addition to C++, Java, Python and Web Services

In addition, the following items were ?xed and/or added:

* VMM: FreeBSD guest related ?x for V86 ?ags (bug #2342)
* VMM: ?xed guru meditation when booting an AsteriskNow Linux VM (bug #2342)
* VMM: ?xed PGMPOOLKIND_FREE guru meditation (bugs #3356, #3431)
* VMM: ?xed Windows XP boot hang (guest PAE + nested paging only)
* VMM: allow mixing of VT-x/AMD-V and software virtualization
* VMM: ?xed extremely slow safe mode booting in e.g. Windows 2008 (VT-x/AMD-V only)
* VMM: signi?cant speedup of certain GRUB boot loaders (e.g. Solaris) (VT-x/AMD-V only)
* VMM: real-mode IOPL ?x for DOS guests (VT-x only)
* VMM: ?xed VT-x detection with certain BIOSes that enable VT-x, but don’t set the lock bit in MSR_IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL
* VMM: ?xed hibernation issues on Windows XP hosts (VT-x only; bug #1794)
* VMM: properly emulate RDMSR from the TSC MSR, should ?x some NetBSD guests
* VMM: emulate RDPMC; ?xes Windows guests crashes when using the Kaspersky virus scanner (bug #1778)
* NAT: ?xed truncated downloads (FTP) (bug #3257)
* NAT: blocked UDP packets caused a crash (bug #3426)
* NAT: allow to con?gure the next server and the boot ?le via VBoxManage (bug #2759)
* IDE: ?xed hard disk upgrade from XML-1.2 settings (bug #1518)
* Hard disk: support more VMDK ?le variants (including ?xed-size ESX server images)
* Hard disks: refuse to start the VM if a disk image is not writable
* USB: further reduced host CPU utilization for OHCI and EHCI; the “VBoxInternal/Devices/usb-ohci/0/Con?g/FrameRate” CFG key is no longer necessary and no longer supported
* USB: ?xed BSOD on the host with certain USB devices (Windows hosts only; bug #1654)
* E1000: properly handle cable disconnects (bug #3421)
* VRDP: ?xed hangs when VRDP server is enabled or disabled in runtime
* Shared folders: respect umask settings on Linux, OSX and Solaris hosts when creating ?les
* X11 guests: prevented setting the locale in vboxmouse, as this caused problems with Turkish locales (bug #3563)
* X11 guests: show the guest mouse pointer at the right position if the virtual desktop is larger than the guest resolution (bug #2306)
* Linux additions: ?xed typo when detecting Xorg 1.6 (bug #3555)
* Solaris guests: added xpg4/xcu4 dependency to the guest additions installer (bug #3524)
* Windows guests: bind the VBoxMouse.sys ?lter driver to the correct guest pointing device (bug #1324)
* Windows hosts: ?xed BSOD when starting a VM with enabled host interface (bug #3414)
* Linux hosts: do proper reference counting to prevent unloading the vboxnet?t module as long as this code is in use (bug #3104)
* Linux hosts: do not leave zombies of (bug #3586)
* Linux installers: ?xes for Slackware, Arch Linux and Linux from Scratch systems
* Windows installers: combined installer executable which contains both (32- and 64-bit) architectures.
* VBoxManage: less cryptic command-line error messages
* VBoxManage list vms commands now default to compact format
* VBoxManage controlvm dvdattach did not work if the image was attached before
* VBoxManage: allow creation of all supported disk image variants
* VBoxManage showvminfo: don’t spam the release log if the additions don’t support statistics information (bug #3457)
* VBoxManage: big command line processing cleanup, the legacy single-dash options are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release, so switch to the new options now
* Hard disks: improved immutable disk support to auto-reset diff ?le at VM startup (related to bug #2772)
* GUI: enable the audio adapter by default for new VMs
* GUI: warn if VT-x/AMD-V is not operational when starting a 64-bit guest
* GUI: deactivate 64-bit guest support when the host CPU does not support VT-x/AMD-V
* GUI: removed ?oppy icon from the status bar
* GUI: show build revision in about dialog
* GUI: ?xed sticky status bar text
* GUI: improved error dialogs
* GUI: fail with an appropriate error message when trying to boot a read-only disk image (bug #1745)
* GUI/Mac OS X: ?xed disabled close button
* GUI/Windows: re-enabled support for copy and paste (Windows hosts 2.0 regression; bug #2065)
* 3D support: added OpenGL select/feedback support (bug #2920)
* 3D support: close OpenGL subsystem for terminated guest applications (bug #3243)
* 3D support: ?xed VM hangs when starting guests with 3D acceleration enabled (bug #3437)
* PXE: ?xed boot hangs when hardware virtualization is used (bug #2536)
* LsiLogic: ?xed problems with Solaris guests
* Main API: close machine settings XML ?le when unregistering machine (bug #3548)


Dopuna: 02 Jun 2009 7:19

VirtualBox 2.2.4

* Windows Installer: ?xed a potential hang during installation
* Windows Installer: ?xed several problems (bug #3892)
* Solaris hosts: make it work with Solaris build 114 or later (bug #3981)
* Solaris hosts: ?xed a bug serial port character handling found during loopback (bug #3120)
* Linux hosts: adapted to the latest changes in VBoxManage list runningvms (bug #4034)
* Windows hosts: ?xed a crash caused by host-only/bridged networking
* Mac OS X hosts: ?xed access to host DVD with passthrough disabled (bug #4077)
* Guest Additions: ?xed problems with KDE 4 not recognizing mouse clicks
* Windows Additions: ?xed incorrect 8-bit guest color depth in Windows 7 guests
* GUI: warn if VT-x/AMD-V could not be enabled for guests that require this setting (bug #4055)
* VMM: ?xed occassional crash due to insuf?ent memory
* VMM: ?xed hanging 64 bits Solaris guests
* VMM: restore from a saved state occassionally failed (bugs #3984 and #2742)
* Clipboard: ?xed a deadlock while shutting down the shared clipboard on X11 hosts (bug #4020)
* OVF: ?xed potential hang during import
* OVF: ?xed potential crashes during import/export on Win64 hosts
* VBoxManage modifyhd --compact: ?xed bug which could lead to crashes and image corruption (bug #3864)
* VBoxManage metrics collect: now ?ushes the output stream.
* VHD: made VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid work for .vhd ?les (bug #3443)
* VHD: some .vhd ?les could not be cloned (bug #4080)
* VMDK: ?xed creating snapshots
* NAT: improvement of TCP connection establisment (bug #2987)
* NAT: ?xed order of DNS servers in DHCP lease (bug #4091)
* NAT: ?xed DHCP lease for multiple name servers (bug #3692)
* NAT: ?xed a potential segfault if the host lost its connectivity (bug #3964)
* Shared Folders: deny access to parent directories on Windows hosts (bug #4090)
* Shared Folders: make rm/rmdir work with Solaris guests on Windows hosts
* Networking: ?xed the problem with blocked receiving thread when a broadcast packet arrives too early to be handled by uninitialized e1000 adapter.
* Networking: ?xed the problem that caused host freezes/crashes when using bridged mode with host’s interface having RX checksum of?oading on (bug #3926 and related). Fixes problems with TX of?oading as well (bug #3870)
* PXE boot: Added support for PRO/1000 MT Server adapter.
* Python bindings: ?xed keyword con?ict
* SCSI: ?xed occasional crashes on Win64
* Serial: allow to redirect the serial port to a raw ?le (bug #1023)
* VRDP: ?xed a rare incorrect screen update


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moze malo objasnjenje na nasem jeziku sta radi ovaj program i za sta sluzi?povrsno sam skontao pa ako moze

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rewritable ::moze malo objasnjenje na nasem jeziku sta radi ovaj program i za sta sluzi?povrsno sam skontao pa ako moze

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VirtualBox 3.0.2

VirtualBox 3.0.2 (released 2009-07-10)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

* VMM: fixed network regressions (guest hangs during network IO) (bug #4343)
* VMM: guest SMP performance improvements
* VMM: fixed hangs and poor performance with Kaspersky Internet Security (VT-x/AMD-V only; bug #1778-)
* VMM: fixed crashes when executing certain Linux guests (software virtualization only; bugs #2696 & #3868-)
* ACPI: fixed Windows 2000 kernel hangs with IO-APIC enabled (bug #4348-)
* APIC: fixed high idle load for certain Linux guests (3.0 regression)
* BIOS: properly handle Ctrl-Alt-Del in real mode
* iSCSI: fixed configuration parsing (bug #4236)
* OVF: fix potential confusion when exporting networks
* OVF: compatibility fix (bug #4452)
* NAT: fixed crashes under certain circumstances (bug #4330)
* 3D support: fixed dynamic linking on Solaris/OpenSolaris guests (bug #4399)
* 3D support: fixed incorrect context/window tracking for multithreaded apps
* Shared Folders: fixed loading from saved state (bug #1595)
* Shared Folders: host file permissions set to 0400 with Windows guest (bug #4381)
* X11 host and guest clipboard: fixed a number of issues, including bug #4380 and #4344
* X11 Additions: fixed some issues with seamless windows in X11 guests (bug #3727)
* Windows Additions: added VBoxServiceNT for NT4 guests (for time synchronization and guest properties)
* Windows Additions: fixed version lookup
* Linux hosts: workaround for buggy graphics drivers showing a black VM window on recent distributions (bug #4335)
* Linux hosts: fixed typo in kernel module startup script (bug #4388-)
* Installer: support Pardus Linux
* Solaris hosts: several installer fixes
* Solaris host: fixed a preemption issue causing VMs to never start on Solaris 10 (bug #4328-).
* Solaris guest: fixed mouse integration for OpenSolaris 2009.06 (bug #4365)
* Windows hosts: fixed high CPU usage after resuming the host (bug #2978-)
* OVF: accept ovf:/disk/ specifiers with a single slash in addition to ovf://disk/ (bug #4452)
* Fixed a settings file conversion bug which sometimes caused hardware acceleration to be enabled for virtual machines that had no explicit configuration in the XML.

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Napisano: 07 Avg 2009 1:13

VirtualBox 3.0.4

* VMM: 64 bits guest stability fixes (AMD-V only; bugs #3923 & #3666)
* VMM: SMP stability fixes (AMD-V only)
* VMM: SMP performance improvement (esp. for Solaris guests)
* VMM: eliminated several bugs which could lead to a host reboot
* VMM: fixed OS/2 ACP2 boot floppy hang (VT-x only)
* VMM: small performance improvement for OpenSolaris guests (AMD-V only)
* VMM: fixed CentOS/Xen reboot (software virtualization only; bug #4509)
* SATA: fixed hangs / BSOD during Windows XP installation (bug #4342)
* SATA: mark the ports as non hotpluggable (bug #3920)
* 3D support: fix deadlocks and context/window tracking for multithreaded applications (bug #3922)
* 3D support: fix memory leaks when terminating OpenGL guest applications
* 3D support: fix crash in Call of Duty
* NAT: using two or more NAT adapters in one VM was broken (3.0.0 regression)
* NAT: fixed network communication corruptions (bugs #4499, #4540, #4591, #4604)
* NAT: fixed passive ftp access to host server (bug #4427)
* iSCSI: fixed cloning to/from iSCSI disks
* GUI: fixed path separator handling for the OVF export on Windows (bug #4354)
* GUI: the mini toolbar was only shown on the first host display (bug #4654)
* GUI: added a VM option to display the mini toolbar on top
* GUI: don’t crash when adding plus configuring host-only network interfaces
* Shared Folders: fixed selection of a drive root directory as a shared folder host path in VirtualBox (Windows host only)
* USB: fixed a bug that may have rendered USB devicefilter settings inactive (3.0.2 regression, bug #4668)
* Guest Additions: report the Guest Additions version to the guest properties (bug #3415)
* Mac OS X hosts: fix creation of VMDK files giving raw partition access (bug #1461)
* Mac OS X hosts: improved support for Snow Leopard
* Linux hosts: fixed problems leading to wrong colors or transparency in host windows with some graphics drivers (bug #3095)
* Linux hosts: hardware detection fallbacks if the hal service fails to find any DVD drives.
* Linux and Solaris hosts: Work around color handling problems in Qt (bug #4353)
* Solaris hosts: fixed memory leaks in host-only networking
* Solaris Installer: fixed incorrect netmask for Host-only interface (bug #4590)
* Solaris Installer: added package dependency for Python and Python-devel (bug #4570)
* X11 guests: prevent windows from being skipped in seamless mode KDE guests (bugs #1681 and #3574)
* X11 guests: fixed screen corruption in X11 guests when large amounts of video RAM were allocated (bug #4430)
* X11 guests: some fixes when switching between host and guest-drawn mouse pointers.
* X11 guests: fixed an issue which caused seamless mode to stop working as it should (the main issue listed in bug #2238).


Dopuna: 08 Okt 2009 17:48


* VMM: fixed 64 bits guest on 32 bits host regression in 3.0.6 (VT-x only; bug #4947)
* VMM: fixed a recompiler triple fault guru meditation (VT-x & AMD-V only; bug #5058)
* VMM: fixed hang after guest state restore (AMD-V, 32 bits Windows guest and IO-APIC enabled only; bug #5059)
* VMM: fixed paging issue with OS/2 guests
* VMM: fixed guru meditation in rare cases (2.0 regression; software virtualization only)
* VMM: fixed release assertion during state restore when using the Sound Blaster 16 emulation (bug #5042)
* Security: fixed vulnerability that allowed to execute commands with root privileges
* Linux hosts: fixed runtime assertion in semaphore implementation which was triggered under certain conditions (bug #616)
* Linux hosts: change the default USB access mode on certain distributions (bugs #3394 and #4291)
* Linux hosts: on hardened Gentoo, the VBoxSVC daemon crashed by opening the VM network settings (bug #3732)
* Linux hosts, Solaris hosts: pass the XAUTHORITY variable along the DISPLAY variable when starting a VM from VBoxManage or from the VM selector (bug #5063)
* Linux hosts: use sysfs to enumerate host drives if hal is not available
* Solaris hosts: fixed a bug which would hang the host sporadically as interrupts were not re-enabled everytime
* Solaris hosts: fixed a kernel panic with bridged and host-only networking (bug #4775)
* Solaris hosts: fixed incorrectly persistent CD/DVD-ROMs when changing them (bug #5077)
* X11-based hosts: support additional function keys on Sun keyboards (bug #4907)
* Mac OS X hosts (Snow Leopard): fixed problem starting headless VMs without a graphical session (bug #5002)
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed problem listing host-only adapter names with trailing garbage (attached VMs won't start)
* Windows Additions: now work with Vista 64-bit Home editions (bug #3865)
* Windows Additions: fixed screen corruption with ZoomText Magnifier
* Windows Additions: fixed NPGetUniversalName failure (bug #4853)
* Windows Additions: fixed Windows NT regression (bug #4946)
* Windows Additions: fixed VBoxService not running if no Shared Folders are installed
* Linux Additions: implemented ftrunctate (bug #4771)
* VRDP: start VM even if configured VRDP port is in use
* Networking: the PCnet network device stopped receiving under rare conditions (bug #4870)
* VBoxManage: implemented controlvm vrdpport command
* iSCSI: fixed issue with NetApp targets (#5072)
* SCSI: add support for virtual disks larger than 2TB
* USB: fixed potential crash when unplugging USB2 devices (bug #5089)
* NAT: IPSEC did not properly work with Linux guests (bug #4801)


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VirtualBox 3.0.12

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

* VMM: reduced IO-APIC overhead for 32 bits Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 guests; requires 64 bits support (VT-x only; bug #4392)
* VMM: fixed double timer interrupt delivery on old Linux kernels using IO-APIC (caused guest time to run at double speed; bug #3135)
* VMM: reinitialize VT-x and AMD-V after host suspend or hibernate; some BIOSes forget this (Windows hosts only; bug #5421)
* VMM: fix loading of saved state when RAM preallocation is enabled
* BIOS: ignore unknown shutdown codes instead of causing a guru meditation (bug #5389)
* GUI: never start a VM on a single click into the selector window (bug #2676)
* Serial: reduce the probability of lost bytes if the host end is connected to a raw file
* VMDK: fix handling of split image variants and fix a 3.0.10 regression (bug #5355)
* VRDP: fixed occasional VRDP server crash
* Network: even if the virtual network cable was disconnected, some guests were able to send / receive packets (E1000; bug #5366)
* Network: even if the virtual network cable was disconnected, the PCNet card received some spurious packets which might confuse the guest (bug #4496)
* Shared folders: fixed changing case of file names (bug #2520)
* Windows Additions: fix crash in seamless mode (contributed by Huihong Luo)
* Linux Additions: fix writing to files opened in O_APPEND mode (bug #3805)
* Solaris Additions: fix regression in guest additions driver which among other things caused lost guest property updates and periodic error messages being written to the system log

Home page:

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VirtualBox 3.1.2

Novosti & Ispravke:

* VMM: fixed SMP stability regression
* USB: fixed USB related host crashes on 64 bits Windows hosts (#5237)
* Main: wrong default HWVirtExExclusive value for new VMs (bug #5664)
* Main: DVD passthrough setting was lost (bug #5681)
* VBoxManage: iSCSI disks do not support adding a comment (bug #4460)
* VBoxManage: added missing --cpus and --memory options to OVF --import
* GUI: fixed VBox URL in update dialog for German and Dutch languages
* GUI: NLS updates
* OVF: fixed export of non standard storage controller names (bug #5643)
* Solaris hosts: several USB fixes (including support for Apple iPhone)
* Mac OS X hosts: several fixes for the 3D support
* Mac OS X hosts: re-enabled CMD+Key combinations, even if the Host-Key isn't CMD (bug #5684)
* Mac OS X hosts: fixed to fast scrolling if the mouse wheel is used inside the guest (bug #5672)
* Mac OS X hosts: dock & menubar don't disappear in fullscreen when the VM is not running on the primary display (bug #1762)
* Mac OS X hosts: added an option for enabling "Auto show Dock & Menubar in fullscreen" (bug #5636)
* Windows host installer: fixed starting VBox with wrong privileges right after installation (bug #4162)
* Host interface and host-only networking: prevent driver from unloading while a VM is still active (Windows host only)
* Host-only networking: fixed host-only interface creation (Windows host only) (bug #5708-)
* Virtio-net: don't crash without an attached network
* Virtio-net: fixed the issue with intermittent network in VM with several virtual CPU cores.
* NAT: fixed port-forwarding regressions (bug #5666)
* NAT: fixed crash under certain conditions (bug #5427)
* NAT: fixed resolving of names containing a slash or underscore when using the host resolver DNS proxy (bug #5698-)
* ATA: fixed sporadic crash when resuming after a VM was forcefully paused (e.g. due to iSCSI target being unavailable)
* SATA: fixed raw vmdk disks (bug #5724)
* Linux guests: increased the default memory for Redhat and Fedora guests
* Linux Guest Additions: fixed installation on RHEL 3.9 guests and on some 64bit guests
* Linux Guest Additions: prevent SELinux warnings concerning text relocations in (bug #5690)
* X11 guests: fixed mouse support for some Xorg 1.4 guests (openSUSE 11.0)
* X11 guests: fixed xorg.conf modification for some older Xorg releases (openSUSE 11.1)
* Windows guests: fixed some VBoxService shutdown issues
* Windows guests: fixed VBoxVideo spinlock issues on NT4
* Windows Guest Additions: fixed uninstallation issues of NT4
* Shared folders: fixed resolving of symlink target (bug #5631)
* 2D Video acceleration: delay loading of OpenGL dlls for Windows hosts to avoid GUI crashes on misconfigured systems
* 2D Video acceleration: fixed issues with video picture not displayed on playback

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Napisano: 13 Feb 2010 22:41


- VMM: SMP stability fixes
- VMM: fixed guru meditation in certain rare cases (bug #5968)
- VMM: activate NXE for PAE enabled guests (VT-x and AMD-V on 32 bits hosts only; bug #3578)
- VMM: added workaround for broken BIOSes that make VirtualBox think AMD-V is in use (for details see bug #5639)
- VMM: fixed rare host reboot when restoring a saved state (bug #3945)
- VMM: fixed incompatibility with 2.6.32 Linux kernels (software virtualization only; bug #6100)
- VMM: turn on nested paging by default for new VMs (if available; VT-x and AMD-V only)
- VMM: turn on VPID by default for new VMs (if available; VT-x only)
- VMM: perform strict CPUID compatibility checks when teleporting; to get the old behavior set "VBoxInternal/CPUM/StrictCpuIdChecks" to 0
- VMM: fixed VM crash with certain 16 bits Windows applications (software virtualization only; bug #5399)
- Snapshots: fixed a 3.1 regression that broke deletion of snapshots when a machine had immutable or writethrough storage attached (bug #5727)
- Saved state: fixed VERR_SSM_LOADED_TOO_MUCH error when loading DisplayScreenshot(bug #6162)
- VBoxManage: add restorecurrent operation to snapshots command
- VBoxManage: fixed broken snapshot lookup by name (bug #6070
- GUI: fixed the broken "Reload" button that reloads the machine XML when a machine is inaccessible
- GUI: fixed guest fullscreen mode after reboot (bug #5372)
- GUI: handle Ctrl+Break properly on X11 hosts (bug #6122)
- GUI: fixed status LEDs for storage devices
- GUI: workaround for disabling the seamless mode on KDE hosts (KWin bug)
- 3D support: fixed SELinux warning saying requires text relocation (bug #5690)
- 3D support: fixed Corrupted surface rendering (bug #5695)
- 3D support: free textures on guest application termination (bug #5206)
- 3D support: fixed ubigraph_server crashes (#4674)
- 3D support: fixes for 64-bit Solaris guests
- Seamless: disable seamless mode when guest changes screen resolution (bug #5655)
- NAT: fixed high CPU load under certain circumstances (Windows hosts only; bug #5787)
- NAT: fixed handling of the broadcast flag in DHCP requests
- NAT: fixed rare crash due to an assertion in the ICMP code (bug #3217)
- Virtio-net: don't crash when ports accessed beyond the valid range (bug #5923)
- LsiLogic: fix for Windows 7 guests
- ATA: fix for guru meditation when installing Solaris 8 guests (bug #5972)
- VHD: fixed an incompatibility with Virtual PC (bug #5990)
- VHD: update the footer backup after setting a new UUID (bug #5004)
- Host DVD: really fixed loading "passthrough" setting from config file (bug #5681)
- Shared folders: fixed resolving of symlink target on Linux (3.1.2 regression)
- VRDP: fixed VERR_NET_ADDRESS_IN_USE error when restarting a VM (3.1 regression; bug #5902)
- VRDP: fixed crash on Mac OS X when 3D is enabled (3.1 regression)
- PulseAudio: fixed recording (bug #4302)
- USB: fixed a shutdown blue screen (Windows hosts only; bug #5885)
- BIOS: fixed attribute during text scroll (bug #3407)
- OVF: fix strange error messages on disk import errors
- OVF: do not require write access the the .ovf file during import (3.1 regression; bug #5762)
- iSCSI: fix taking snapshots of a running VM (#5849)
- Guest Additions: fixed wrong guest time adjustment if the guest clock is ahead (3.1 regression; non-Windows guests only)
- Windows Additions: fixed malfunctioning !VBoxService that broke time-sync (bug #5872)
- Windows Additions: fixed uninstallation issues on 64-bit guests
- Windows Additions: fixed some sysprep execution issues
- X.Org Additions: never reject the saved video mode as invalid (bug #5731)
- XFree86 Additions: accept video mode hints for the initial mode again


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VirtualBox 3.2.6

Change log:

The following items were fixed and/or added:
- VMM: fixed host crash when running 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts with certain Intel CPUs (VT-x only; bug #6166)
- VMM: allow 64-bit SMP guests on 32-bit hosts (VT-x and AMD-V only; does not apply to Mac OS X, which already supports it)
- VMM: fixed Guru mediation if guests with more than 2GB are booted with VT-x/AMD-V disabled (bug #5740)
- VMM: fixed TR limit trashing (VT-x and 64-bit host only; bug #7052)
- Page Fusion: several bug fixes for SMP guests (including bug #6964)
- Teleportation: several fixes and improvements
- Mac OS X server guests: compatibility fix
- EFI: fixed memory detection for guests with 2GB or more RAM assigned
- GUI: added a workaround for a Linux kernel bug which affecting asynchronous I/O on ext4 / xfs file systems (Linux hosts only)
- GUI: added setting for multiple VRDP connections; useful if multiple screens are enabled
- GUI: another fix for the keyboard capturing bug under metacity (bug #6727)
- GUI: fixed quit dialog when used in seamless or fullscreen mode (Mac OS X hosts only; bug #6938-)
- GUI: handle the extra key on the Brazilian keyboard on X11 hosts again (bug #7022).
- 2D Video acceleration: fixed crashes when leaving the fullscreen mode (bug #6768-)
- VBoxManage: fixed storageattach error handling (bug #6927)
- VBoxManage: fixed dhcpserver add (3.2.0 regression; bug #7031)
- Storage: fixed hang with images located on filesystems which don't support async I/O (bug #6905)
- Storage: fixed raw disks on Windows hosts (3.2.0 regression; bug #6987)
- LsiLogic: fixed hang with older Linux guests
- BusLogic: fixed hang during I/O
- SATA: set initial number of ports to 1 as some guests can't handle 30 ports (e.g. CentOS 4 and FreeBSD; bug #6984)
- SATA: performance improvement
- SCSI: fixed error when using the full format option during Windows installation (bug #5101)
- iSCSI: fixed authentication (bug #4031)
- Host-only/bridged networking: fixed excessive host kernel warnings under certain circumstances (Linux hosts only; 3.2.0 regression; bug #6872)
- NAT: fixed potential memory leaks
- NAT: increased the size of the memory pool for 16K Jumbo frames (performance tweak)
- NAT: allow to link/unlink the network cable even if the VM is currently paused
- E1000: disconnect cable was not properly handled if the NIC was not yet initialized by the guest
- OVF: export performance optimization
- OVF: upgraded OS type definitions to CIM 2.25.0 so that Windows 7 and other OSes are now tagged correctly on export
- Settings: the setting for disabling the host I/O cache was sometimes not properly saved
- Settings: save machine state into XML correctly even when snapshot folder has been changed to a non-default location (bug #5656)
- USB: allow the guest to disable an EHCI port
- USB: find a valid language ID before querying strings (bug #7034)
- POSIX hosts: fixed several memory leaks (3.2.0 regression)
- Solaris hosts: fixed VDI access problem under certain circumstances (IDE/SATA; 3.2.0 regression)
- Solaris hosts: fixed VM fails to start on 32-bit hosts (3.2.0 regression; bug #6899)
- Windows hosts (32-bit): increase guest RAM limit if the host kernel allows for more virtual address space
- Linux Additions: re-read a directory after a file was removed (bug #5251)
- Linux Additions: install the DRI driver in the right location on ArchLinux guests (bug #6937)
- X11 Additions: fixed spurious mouse movement events (bug #4260)
- Solaris Additions: fixed guest control execution
- Windows Additions: automatic logon on Windows Vista/Windows 7 is now able to handle renamed and principal user accounts; added various bugfixes
- Windows Additions: improved command line parsing of the installer
- Windows Additions: fixed driver verifier bugcheck in VBoxMouse (bug #6453)
- 3D support: fixed OpenGL support for 32bit apps under 64bit Windows guests

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