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VirtualDub 1.9.11

Changes 1.9.9 to 1.9.11
* Filters: Added compatibility option for filters that rely on constant
buffer addresses.

* Fixed icon on status dialog.
* Fixed crash in scene detector with UYVY/YUY2 input.
* Fixed thread handle leak for unnamed threads.
* Modified audio display waveform draw code to avoid broken lines when
zoomed in.
* UI: Fixed curve editor not reselecting the right curve after some video
filter list manipulations.
* Decoders: Fixed crash in Huffyuv decoder with invalid non-adaptive
Huffman tables.
* AVI: The palette change flag is now stripped when rewriting streams.
* AVI: dwInitialFrames is now forced to zero in all cases for better


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Release build -- 1.10.0 (experimental), 32-bit (x86) version

This is the executable package for the newest, experimental version of VirtualDub.
Use this version if you don't mind hitting a new bug once in a while and want to try out the cutting edge version.
Check the changelog for details.

You only need this one file if all you want to do is run VirtualDub.
Unzip and start virtualdub.exe -- requires Windows 98+ or NT4.0+, 80486 or higher CPU, and 16MB of memory.
(Note: Extract the full contents to a directory. Don't run it directly from the zip file.)

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VirtualDub 1.10.4

# Features added
* ExtEnc: Added %(outputbasename) to insert output filename without extension.
* ExtEnc: Editor UI now has a drop-down for tokens.
* Filters: Expanded color space support in resize filter.
* Preview: Return now also stops preview.
# Bugs fixed]
* AVI: Added Copy button to AVI file information dialog.
* AVI: Fixed bitsPerPixel value for NV12 output.
* Capture: Improved error handling in screen capture module.
* Capture: Fixed sporadic errors in DXGI 1.2 screen capture mode related to tracking pointer shape changes.
* Capture: Spill drives can be adjusted on Windows XP.
* Display: Fixed regression in D3D effects display mode.
* ExtEnc: Fixed weird selection behavior when duplicating item.
* Filters: Fixed script operation for Convert Format filter for the new modes.
* Filters: Fixed crash when attempting to crop video in a format that isn't AVI-compatible.
* Filters: Fixed cropping errors on alias format filter.
* Filters: Fixed issues with interpolate filter in nearest mode.
* GIF: Fixed shifted presentation timings when reading animated GIFs.
* Render: The processing priority setting now correctly adjusts the priority of filter and compression worker threads too when multithreading is enabled.
* TARGA: Fixed vertical inversion issues during read.
* UI: Add Windows 8.1 per-monitor DPI awareness support.


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