at32 Comedy Webcam 1.02c freeware

at32 Comedy Webcam 1.02c freeware

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verzija sa`pro`se placa...
ne znam da li je neko video ovaj program,ali nije lose imati....mozete preko http+vasa IP adresa da na vasem internet pretrazivacu vidite sta se desava u vasoj kuci,naravno ako pre toga pokrenete ovaj program,jos je jace sto sam ja pokrenuo program,a onda sam na mobilnom(motorola A925)gledao sta mi se desava u kuci dok sam otisao na pice(izasao samo da bi se uverio da radi,a zenu ostavio da pazi na komp ...)
naravno potrebna webcam.....
It's surprising that the vast majority of webcams are sold without any software to actually publish it's output to the web!

at32 Comedy Webcam is free and does just this by one of three methods:
Making your computer act like a webserver, so other people can see your webcam in their webbrowser
Uploading to an FTP site
Saving to hard disk for publishing either by your own FTP server, http server, archiving or other roles
In all cases, the software has minimal impact on your system with low CPU and memory overhead.

However, we realised most people aquired their webcam for a bit of fun - so we decided to have a little fun of our own, and after a lengthy development period created this software which includes over 50 amusing effects!

Special Effects Extravaganza

The addition of post-processing effects is centered around the Effects Master. This breaks the effects up into different groups, allows you to combine and put them into processing order to achieve unlimited combinations of different results, and finally allows you to adjust the amplitude of each effect.

The effects are broken up as follows:
Superimposed Effect - Known as the "blue screen", you can replace part of the background of your webcam's output with another image - e.g. this is how many weather reports superimpose the presenter on a computer generated weather map.
Overlays - Overlay bitmaps on top of the image, choose transparency color keys and choose an optional alpha blend. A possible use for this is to add a logo to the webcam image.
Captions - You can add captions and annotations to the output image.
Transformations - Includes various rotational, zoom, wave, and pixelation effects.
Split Matrix - A powerful tool that you can essentially "program" yourself to achieve a variety of other post-processing effects.
Filters - Includes regular brightness and contrast functions, as well as colorize, negative, hue, saturation, etc.
General Effects - 30 effects provided covering all sorts of roles such as blur, sharpen, TV display emulation, emboss and the bizarre scatter effects.

Basic Image Features

Aside from a full list of each effect, the regular summarised feature list is as follows:
Post-processing image resize from source, allows you to create huge wallpaper scenes or tiny thumbnails if you need to!
Choose output JPEG image quality
Automatically schedule software to update either a set number of seconds, or on demand
Option to archive all output images
Zoom in on a limited area or simply publish small segments
Publish and process results from not just webcams, but TV cards, DV cameras and other sources

Other Processing Functions

These are in addition to the regular post-processing effects list and cover many extra miscellaneous roles.
Attractive date/time stamp which can have a user-defined format, size, font, blended color and alpha blend
Solid border, bevel border and plain framing.
Blend Frames - useful for creating lengthy timed exposures or simply more dramatic motion blurs. Supports several boolean operators.
Flips and perpendicular rotates
Various preview functions

Publishing Options

The program can become a HTTP server of it's own, allowing users to view your webcam via a browser!
Alternativly you can upload using the traditional method to an FTP server
The third option allows the program to write to hard disk, where the resultant image can be used by your own HTTP or FTP server or for post processing of your own.
Archiving is also supported.

HTTP Features

Supports unlimited connections, bandwidth permitting
Either display the image directly, or provide a HTTP webpage that will automatically refresh the webcam output
Ability to edit the HTTP webpage so you can customize it's display, or integrate it into a website (this is also supported with the FTP alternative).

FTP Features

FTP routine will connect, upload then disconnect as required
Automatic creation and uploading of a simple webpage containing your image - this can be edited at a later date
Option to FTP automatically every few seconds, automatically when program starts, or simply on demand
Multiple threaded sessions possible
Upload frequency capped - if you specify a high upload frequency but network performance drops, the software will not open an excess number of uploading threads
Option to upload to a temporary file first then rename, or upload directly
Passive mode supported
Full socks support

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