What makes a great Anti-Virus software solution?

What makes a great Anti-Virus software solution?

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In the computer world where there are new viruses and worms every day, it is difficult to know which anti-virus software solution is best for you. Here is a list of what we at Anti-Virus Software Review believe are the best attributes of anti-virus software.

* Ease of Use – How easy is it to install the software? How easy is it to go from installation to scanning for infected files?

* Effective at Identifying Viruses and Worms – Does the product quickly identify infected files with a realtime scanner, whether it comes via email, IM Apps, web browsing, etc.?

* Effective at Cleaning or Isolating Infected Files –Does the product thoroughly clean, delete, or quarantine the infected file to stop the spread of the virus and save the rest of your system/network?

* Activity reporting – You should be able to view what each demand scan found and what it did with any infected files. You should also be notified immediately of any infection found with the realtime scanner.

* Feature Set – What type of scanning engines are used? Does the product rely on realtime scanning only? Can you schedule a time when your files will be inspected or specify what files will be inspected? Are the features easy to access and understand?

* Ease of Installation and Setup – How easy is it to install the software? How easy is it to go from installation to a scanning for infected files?

* Help Documentation – Is there a help document available? How useful is it? Is it easily understood without relying on technical jargon? Can you find your answers easily?

With the correct anti-virus software application you can feel comfortable knowing that your files are protected.
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