avast! 4.6.731 [12 novembar]

avast! 4.6.731 [12 novembar]

  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
  • Poruke: 4505
  • Gde živiš: planeta Zemlja

da ispravljene su neke greske:

* aswRdr.sys: fixed a race condition that could eventually lead even to a system crash
* improvements in the executable file unpackers
* enhanced tolerancy against damaged archives
* boot-time scan now supports the "Move to chest" command
* mail scanner: fixes in IMAP handling (NTLM authentication related)
* the "Date of last scan" entry is now updated by all scanners (not only Simple UI)
* added support for CAB and LHA sfx archives
* P2P Shield: added support for BitLord, uTorrent and ABC
* boot-time scan now shows textual error strings (instead of error codes)
* WebShield: fixed parsing of HTTP requests in the case where a header is larger than 64K
* WebShield: fixes in the detection of Transfer-Encoding:chunked
* WebShield: new avast4.ini options: NoDefOptinProcess, NoDefIgnoreProcess, default=0
* WebShield: miniscule fix in the GUI
* minor fixes in the email scanner (related to Lotus Notes clients)
* GUI: most lists (e.g. areas to test, exceptions etc) now support the following keyboard shortcuts: INS = Add, DEL = Delete, F2 = Edit
* Aswrdr.sys: fixed compatibility problem with Windows Vista beta versions
* fixed a problem with the boot-time scanner under Windows Vista beta
* fixed crashes of the physical memory scan under WinXP x64
* mail heuristics: added detection of multiple content-type headers
* avast now does not report the "file is corrupted" messages when trying to unpack a modified, unknown or damaged version of a Winexec packer
* sched.exe now supports all params of the boot-time scanner
* added Greek language version

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