FreeBSD tromesecni izvestaj Okt-Dec 2013

FreeBSD tromesecni izvestaj Okt-Dec 2013

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FreeBSD tromesecni izvestaj o tome sta se radilo od oktobra do decembra 2013:


This report covers FreeBSD-related projects between October and December 2013. This is the last of four reports planned for 2013.

The last quarter of 2013 was very active for the FreeBSD community, much like the preceding quarters. Many advances were made in getting FreeBSD to run on ARM-based System-on-Chip boards like Cubieboard, Rockchip, Snapdragon, S4, Freescale i.MX6, and Vybrid VF6xx. FreeBSD is also becoming a better platform for Xen and the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. There are plans for FreeBSD to become a fully supported compute host for OpenStack. The I/O stack has again received some performance boosts on multi-processor systems through work touching the CAM and GEOM subsystems, and through better adaptation of UMA caches to system memory constraints for ZFS. The FreeBSD Foundation did an excellent job in this quarter, and many of their sponsored projects like VT-d and UEFI support, iSCSI stack, Capsicum, and auditdistd are about to complete. At the same time, new projects like Automounter and Intel GPU updates have just been launched. The Newcons project has been merged into -CURRENT, which will make it possible to finally move to the latest version of X.Org in the Ports Collection. Efforts are also under way to improve testing with Jenkins and Kyua. It is an exciting time for users and developers of FreeBSD!

Thanks to all the reporters for the excellent work! This report contains 37 entries and we hope you enjoy reading it.

FreeBSD Team Reports
FreeBSD Cluster Administration Team
FreeBSD Core Team
FreeBSD Port Management Team
FreeBSD Postmaster Team
FreeBSD Release Engineering Team

Jenkins Continuous Integration for FreeBSD

GEOM Direct Dispatch and Fine-Grained CAM Locking
Intel 802.11n NIC (iwn(4)) Work
Intel GPU Driver Update
Native iSCSI Stack
New Automounter
UMA/ZFS and RPC/NFS Performance Improvements
Updated vt(9) System Console

FreeBSD Host Support for OpenStack and OpenContrail
FreeBSD on Cubieboard{1,2}
FreeBSD on Freescale i.MX6 processors
FreeBSD on Freescale Vybrid VF6xx
FreeBSD on Newer ARM Boards
Intel IOMMU (VT-d, DMAR) Support

Userland Programs
Base GCC Updates
BSDInstall ZFSBoot
Capsicum and Casper
Centralized Panic Reporting
FreeBSD Test Suite
The LLDB Debugger

FreeBSD Python Ports
X.Org on FreeBSD

The FreeBSD Foundation

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