[HowTo]IPsec tunel, prosledjivanje IPTV, kriptovanje diskova

[HowTo]IPsec tunel, prosledjivanje IPTV, kriptovanje diskova

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Na sledecim linkovima mozete naci informacije o tome kako postaviti kriptovane diskove na OpenBSD, kako napraviti FreeBSD server za azuriranje vasih masina na privatnoj mrezi, kako postaviti IPsec kriptovani tunel izmedju dve OpenBSD masine i jos nekoliko stvari.

Forwarding IPTV Traffic with PF

Citat:Since the day I got my shiny new FTTH internet connection complete with IPTV, I was curious about making the TV show on my desktop. Eventually, purchasing a network based video player that was capable of playing IPTV too was the final straw - the device only has one Ethernet port and I needed that for accessing the LAN.

My ISP (Siol) delivers its services through a VLAN-capable CPE device (commonly called a "modem") with separate ethernet ports for data and video - essentially they de-tag the two backbone VLANs into two native ethernet ports, one for each service. A quick look at the support forums showed that the majority of users don't bother at all and simply plug the video network into their LAN switch - completely bypassing the firewall. I didn't want to potentially compromise my LAN or alternatively send unwanted traffic into my ISP's video distribution network, so the obvious choice was to dedicate an unused ethernet port on my Soekris 5501 for the incoming video network and route that into my LAN - through pf!


Comparing Encrypted Volumes in OpenBSD

Citat:Nick Schmidt has written a series of blog posts on encrypted volumes in OpenBSD. He starts off by introducing our options and covering their limitations in OpenBSD Disk Encryption Options – softraid and svnd. Nick demonstrates how to setup and manage an encrypted RAID drive with softraid and bioctl in Configuring OpenBSD softraid for encryption.


Monitoring relayd( 8 ) with Nagios

Citat:The Nagios Exchange recently added check_relayd, a new check which monitors an OpenBSD relayd(Cool service for health and availability. It was written by Philip Garner of Sysnix and published on the Exchange just a couple days ago.


Building VPNs with OpenBSD and IPSEC

Citat:Check out his tutorial on setting up your own site-to-site VPN with OpenBSD IPSec. This is well-covered territory, but it never hurts to see a refresher for new users.

The author walks thorugh all steps of:

Enabling the IPSec protocols in /etc/sysctl.conf
Creating your /etc/ipsec.conf rules
Filtering the IPSec traffic with PF
Synchronizing your IPSec host keys
Troubleshooting your connection


Build your own FreeBSD update server

Citat:Experienced users or administrators are often responsible for several machines or environments. They understand the difficult demands and challenges of maintaining such an infrastructure.

Running a FreeBSD Update Server makes it easier to deploy security and software patches to selected test machines before rolling them out to production. It also means a number of systems can be updated from the local network rather than a much slower Internet connection.


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