Microsoft poklanja Windows Vista Ultimate

Microsoft poklanja Windows Vista Ultimate

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We are committed to making the Windows experience better for you. A lot of our efforts focus on engaging with customers in focus groups, surveys, usability studies, and visits to customers' homes and workplaces. The Windows Feedback Program allows you to connect directly with the Windows product team using your computer. When you submit input to us, it directly influences future Microsoft products.

By participating in the program, you can help us focus our work on the features that you use most often, tell us where to simplify our software when it is too difficult, and suggest new capabilities that improve your experience. The program includes two parts: a survey feedback program and an automated feedback program.

If you've already decided you want to participate, you can enroll in the Program. This will step you through the Agreement for joining the Windows Feedback Program. After that, you will enter your personal information and answer some questions that will help us to better understand how you use your computer and what your interests are. If you choose to participate in the survey program, you will periodically be invited to take a survey. If you prefer to give us feedback in the form of data that is automatically collected on your computer and uploaded to our servers, all you need to do is opt in to our automated feedback program and download and install our software. It takes less than 2 minutes on a 56K modem, and we'll automatically receive your feedback. Of course, we'd be thrilled if you would choose to participate in both parts of the program! Please let your friends and family members know about the program, as well.

You can use this website to sign up for one or both parts of the program, but note the following restrictions:

* Participation is currently limited to US residents of 18 years and older.
* You are the owner of the computer you use for this program.
* The automated feedback program is offered to Windows Vista and Windows XP customers only.
* The survey feedback program applies to all versions of Windows.
* Microsoft, comScore, and MarketTools employees are not eligible to participate.

Getting Started

First, find out more about the available options when joining the Windows Feedback Program. This will let you know what's involved in participating in the survey or automated feedback programs so you can decide if both are right for you.

Ukratko, dobijate besplatan OS, ali pristajete da MS prati šta radite sa njim. Naravno, ponuda važi samo za stanovnike SAD.

Registruj se da bi učestvovao u diskusiji. Registrovanim korisnicima se NE prikazuju reklame unutar poruka.
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Znaci ne dobijamo !

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A i da dobijamo, ne bi je uzeo, jer ne bih da me neko nadgleda.

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A zbog ovoga niko od nas ga nece ni dobiti...crossover ::* Participation is currently limited to US residents of 18 years and older.

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