Google Art Project

Google Art Project

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"Google Art Project" vam omogućava da se prošetkate kroz 17 svetskih muzeja, zastanete ispred pojedinih slika i bolje ih osmotrite uz pomoć lupe!

Citat:For this virtual tour of great museum collections, contemporary work can be seen among world art treasures – all photographed in magical detail. (...) Paintings by Holbein or Cézanne, Botticelli and Juan Gris work incredibly well at the level of close-up the Art Project offers, with its virtual visits to museums from which selected masterpieces can be viewed in macroscopic HD reproductions. You can home in on Seurat's paintings in New York's Museum of Modern Art so closely that you can study the dots that create his dappled effects in colossal focus. Only a visit to the museum itself would give a comparable intimacy – and even then you might need to take a magnifying glass.

Ali, nisu svu super srećni:
Citat:But while I love the idea of the Art Project, its execution is problematic.
For one thing, the project is far from definitive; in truth, as things stand, it is frustratingly partial. Not every celebrated museum in the world is taking part – what about the Prado in Madrid, or the Vatican Museums in Rome? Google offers the illusion that it is casting a net around the greatest works of art in the world. But lots have got away, such as Velazquez’s Las Meninas, or the antique marble Laocoon.


I oprezno, molim vas. Ja se šetkala po MoMA hodnicima, jedno pogrešno skretanje i nađoh se na ulici! Mr. Green

Dopuna: 02 Feb 2011 17:20

Citat:Even the director of the Tate was unaware that if, with patience, you look really close up at Pieter Bruegel's world-famous 16th century painting The Harvesters, which hangs in the Metropolitan Museum, then you will see a family enjoying a jolly Shrove Tuesday game of throwing sticks at the tied-up goose.

"I didn't know about this rather cruel game, no," said Sir Nicholas Serota. "Next time I'm in New York I shall take a closer look."

Citat:Serota was speaking at the launch today of a significant new art project by Google. The reason we can now examine Bruegel's painting in such astonishing detail – every tiny scene, every brushstroke, every hairline (zabranjeno) can be seen – is because it has been captured using super-high resolution, or gigapixel photo-capturing technology.


At the launch at Tate Britain the absence of institutions such as the Louvre and the Prado were noted. But project leader Amit Sood, said Google wanted to get the scheme up and running, so included the 17 museums who signed up straight away.


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