Guidance - KDE alat za administraciju sistema

Guidance - KDE alat za administraciju sistema

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Guidance - KDE Admin alat pisan u KDE/Pythonu

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Guidance is a collection of system administration tools for Linux/KDE systems that is designed to be:

* Up to date
* High quality, designed with user friendlyness as high priority. That is to say that the tools should get the job done quickly, accurately and with as little effort as possible.
* Aimed at the Linux "desktop".
* Built on KDE.
* Maintainable.
* Free Software.

Current Status

Guidance currently consists of four programs:

* - Service/daemon administration..
* - User and Group administration.
* - Disk and filesystem administration.
* - Screen and display configuration. (X-server) Beta quality.

Other tools will be announced when they reach an "interesting" state. (That is to say when they can do something interesting. No one likes vapourware.)

The KDE project's policy of leaving operating system specific software such as administration and configuration tools up to distributors to handle has not worked. The distributions have failed to produce a good working set of tools. Instead we've seen proprietry tools, non-KDE tools and often just plain poorly designed and implemented tools.

This effort tries to fill the hole for a set of good and Free administration tools once and for all.

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