Mabumbi - jednostavan backup za KDE 4 desktop

Mabumbi - jednostavan backup za KDE 4 desktop

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Mabumbi - jednostavan backup za KDE 4 desktop

Vrlo jednostavna aplikacija za backup podataka inspirisana Appleovim Time Machine

Citat:This is a desktop backup application for KDE4 (linux). It is heavily inspired by Apple's Time Machine. Currently Mabumbi focuses to make backups on USB harddrives as comfortable as possible. My goal is to make it even usable by my father (I know it's a high bar ;-)

Mabumbi consits of 3 components. First and by far the most important is storeBackup. Storebackup is an application that does an excelent job for backups preserving the history. Get more information on storeBackup on it's homepage. The second component is the daemon. This daemon is "controlling" storeBackup. I'm using this daemon, as the daemon is running as a system wide daemon. Therefore it runs with high privileges and can store any data (not just a single user's one). Third component is the GUI. Very important is the system tray, as the user can see when as backup is running/ide, the USB-drive is not connected, start a backup directly or open the backup directory (for restore). A GUI for more status information and configurations. Although Mabumbi is heavily influenced by Time Machine, the fancy GUI is not what I want to clone (for now). It's much more the ease of use (plug in an USB-drive, click "use it as backup", and se it makeing backups every hour). And Mabumbi shall inform you, when you last backup is a while back - like 30 days (and you should start a new one by plugging in the USB-drive). The GUI and the daemon are communicating using DBUS.

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