Geforce4 MX440 TV out


Geforce4 MX440 TV out

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nope, sa nekima ne radi

iz FAQ-a

2.1 I have a GeForce4 MX card, and nvtv doesn't work.

The GeForce4 MX or GeForce4 GO cards sometimes use an internal TV
encoder chip (which shows up as 'NV17' in the XFree log). This encoder
is not supported at all by nvtv yet, and without the hardware it's
impossible to figure out how to do it.

But even if there is an external encoder chip on the card, the
GeForce4 MX might use some extra registers, which need to be
configured to make TV work. You can try cheating by activating TV
with the nvidia driver, and then using nvtv. Or, even better, if
someone helps finding those extra registers, we can include support
in nvtv. (The GeForce4 support was done in that way.)

The GeForce4 GO card has not been tested at all, and may very likely
crash the program.

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