FingerGear predtvavlja USB Flash drive sa OS-om i office-om

FingerGear predtvavlja USB Flash drive sa OS-om i office-om

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Mountain View (CA) - USB Flash drives aren't just storage devices, says FingerGear. The company today launched an x86 bootable device that houses a Linux-based operating system and office software. There is even some space left to store data.

USB Flash drives pretty much have replaced floppy disk as storage devices to move data from one place to another. FingerGear, a consumer brand of biometry company Bionopoly, is the first to take this concept a step further to transform data on a stick to a computer on a stick.

According to a spokesperson, the drive is currently available as a 256 MByte version that comes with a Debian-based Linux OS, a version of the open-source productivity suite OpenOffice as well as Mozilla's Firefox web browser, an Instant messenger and a PDF viewer.

The preinstalled software takes up 192 MByte, which leaves about 60 MByte for saving data: Bookmarks, address book, emails, and office documents are stored securely on the device and never leave a trace on the host PC, Bionopoly said. To access the drive, users have to enter a login password at each session.

The "Computer-On-a-Stick" drive is on sale now for $150. The company plans to launch a 512 MByte version of the drive later this year.

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