Uskoro spoj Beryl i Compiz-a :)

Uskoro spoj Beryl i Compiz-a :)

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Quinn Storm livinglatexkali at
Fri Mar 23 22:29:33 CET 2007

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Well, I've read all the arguments, and I think I may have been being overly
cautious.  It is indeed a concern that we might lose our freedom in
a 'merge', but I have been convinced that it isn't a major concern (and of
course we reserve the right to re-fork).

We do indeed need to choose a third, new name in a merge, and of course
(again) rename the beryl-named components, for the obvious reasons.

I hope that we can execute this in a way that the average user sticks with it
and isn't overwhelmed / doesn't feel left behind.

The only real question in my mind right now is what we should do at/about UDS. 
I am sure there is still reason for us to attend, as I doubt the merge will
be complete by then, especially with so much code, and so many processes to
go through.  I also believe that beryl's user-focused model is better for
Ubuntu, and that having Beryl devs going will give Ubuntu a good working
relationship with people in the new project who can keep things on track for
them and their goals (and especially their users)

I know this is kinda a flip-flop from my last position, but its because I
actually have paid attention to what the various people have commented on the
obby document, etc.

I hope for good things in the future for all of us.



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