Warcraft III na linuxu

Warcraft III na linuxu

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Mrzi me da prevodim, samo cu da uklonim neke linkove koji upucuju na zabranjeno.

Author: phoen][x
Language: English (translated by Predator)
Date: 31.05.2003
Version: 1.00
Translation of the warcraft 3 howto on (link removed by bobby)
Warning: This HOWTO comes with no explicit or implicit warranty whatsoever. Use at you own risk!

1) Requirements
2) Preliminary remark
3) Installation on linux
4) Configuration
5) Startscript
6) Credits
7) Notes

1. Requirements:

The most important is a new ( 3.0 and newer) and working WineX version. That maybe means that you have to get a entire CVS version,
otherwise WineX wil complain about a missing installation of DirectX 8.1.

2. Preliminary remark:

Warcraft 3 will only run with some restrictions. first of all, you will need a noCD-razbijac, to get the game running. Second point is,
that the video intro cannot be displayed by winex, it crashes when it tries to. So we have to move or delete the videofiles, for that they
are skipped. You can view them with a video-player, allthough. The important videos of the game are ingame, they are displayed without

3. Installation on linux:

The installation basicly works like on windows:

mount /mnt/cdrom (or wherever your cdrom is mounted at)
cd /mnt/cdrom
wine Install.EXE

Install the game as used to in windows. the error about DirectX 8.1 may be ignored.

If the "wine Install.EXE" crashes (just doed 100% CPU usage), please follow the next few steps, if not, you can go straight to "configuration".

First of all, delete the old ~/.wine directory, if one is existent. (Remind to backup your config):

rm -rf ~/.wine

After that, create a new one:

mkdir -p ~/.wine/fake_windows/windows/system

Now copy the example-config (or your backuped one, if existent):

cd (e.g. /home/william/wine)
cp ducumentation/samples/config ~./wine

Next step is changing directory to the regapi dir and compiling the program, also generating the registry:

cd programs/regapi
./regapi setValue < ../../winedefault.reg

Now, copy the files msvcrt* (whatever after the "t") and regscr32.exe for a "working" (lol)
Windows 98 to ~/.wine/fake_windows/windows/system (now you got the windows registry server, for any reason warcraft needs it;) ).
At last you need to edit your ~/.wine/config. The section "[Drive C]" should look like this (just the path is intereting):

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/home/**your username**/.wine/fake_windows"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "Windows"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

Now edit the other drives, so thea fit your konfiguration.

Next you can install the game with wine Install.EXE.

4. Configuration:

So long, get a noCD-razbijac from the net (link removed by bobby), it should be one replacing the "War3.exe". You should rename the original one
to something linke "war3_org.exe", because it is needed for pathing your version.

Now, rename the directory "Movies" in your install dir of Warcraft 3 in something like "Movies_old", so the movies cannot be found anymore.

5. Startscript:

Create a startscript (as root): /usr/bin/war3 :

# edit the next path
pushd /your/wc3/directory
wine -War3.exe -- War3.exe -opengl

Remind to set the "executable" flag on the script:

chmod 755 /usr/bin/war3

comment: The option "-opengl" runs Warcraft3 in opengl mode. Thats much better and faster for most people. If you expire any problems,
replace "-opengl" with "-d3d" to use the standart direct3d implementation. You should try both and use that one, that works better.

Congrats! You've done it !
Now you can start the game with "war3"

6. Credits:
german original by the holarse-team (link removed by bobby), Hunter and phoen][x
translation by the linux-gamers-team (link removed by bobby), William

7. Notes:
The Videos are running fine with WineX. This was tested with WineX CVS by TheHenni.

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Osim toga noCD razbijac nije ilegalan, samo dozvoljava da se igra igra bez da zahteva CD da bude ubacen.
I bez njega je ovo uputstvo beskorisno

  • Pridružio: 04 Sep 2003
  • Poruke: 24135
  • Gde živiš: Wien

noCD razbijac se moze naci na gamecopyworld.com. Izvinjavam se zbog mog neznanja, ali s obzirom da sam upustvo nasao na zabranjeno sajtu, sklonio sam sve sto mi je izgledalo ilegalno bez da proverim.

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