Angelo Badalamenti and Orbital - Beached

Angelo Badalamenti and Orbital - Beached

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  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2005
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  • Gde živiš: The darkest place on earth..

Soundtrack "The Beach"
Song Genre: Electro (Progressive)

Performed by Angelo Badalamenti and Orbital.
Spoken words by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Trust me, it's paradise.
This is where the hungry come to feed.
For mine is a generation that circles the globe in search of something we haven't tried before.
So never refuse an invitation.
Never resist the unfamiliar
Never fail to be polite
And never out stay your welcome.
Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience
And if it hurts, you know what, it's probably worth it.
You hope and you dream, but you never believe that something is going to happen to you.
Not like it does in the movies.
And when it actually does, you expect it to feel different.
More visceral , more real.
I was waiting for it to hit me.

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