Python for Seriers 60 (SDK)

Python for Seriers 60 (SDK)

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Python for Series 60 brings the power and productivity ofthe Python programming language to the Series 60 platform. The tools enable rapid application development and prototyping, and the ability to create stand-alone Series 60 applications written in Python.

The device installation package includes the Python interpreter (based on Python 2.2.2), select Python Standard Libraries, a script shell for launching Python scripts, a variety of native extensions, and a Python Console for interactive development. Pythonfor Series 60 can also be added to Series 60 SDK's for PC-based development, testing, and creating application installers.

Version 1.2 is Nokia's second major release of the Python for Series 60 environment. The new version includes support for the following new features:
2D Graphics, Images, and Full-screen applications
Camera and Screenshot API
Contacts and Calendar API
Sound recording and playback
Access to System info, such as IMEI number, disk space, free memory, etc.
Rich text display (fonts, colors, styles)
Support for Scalable UI
Expanded key events
Telephone dialing
ZIP module
Version 1.2 continues to include features from the 1.0 release, such as:
Networking support for GPRS and Bluetooth
On-device and remote Python console
Support for native GUI widgets
SMS sending
Application build tool for packaging stand-alone application installers
Compatible with all Series 60 1st and 2nd Edition devices
Documentation and example code are also included in all download packages. Choosing the right download: There are a number of installer packages available to suit different needs. For example, device installation packages are separate from SDK installation packages. For device installation, there are three versions: is compatible with Series 60 1st Edition devices such as the Nokia N-Gage and 3650. is compatiblewith Series 60 2nd Edition, Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1, and Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices such as the Nokia 6600, 6620, 6630, 6680, and 7610. is compatible with Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 devices such as the Nokia N70 and N90.
If you are unsure which version to download, use the Forum Nokia Device Specifications to look-up the Developer Platform version that your device is compatible with. To add Python for Series 60 to a Series 60 SDK, choose the matching installation package: installs to the Series 60 1st Edition Feature Pack 1 SDK installs to the Series 60 2nd Edition SDK installs to the Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1 SDK installs to the Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 SDK installs to the Series 60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3 SDK

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