Logitech predstavio THX bezžični audio sistem

Logitech predstavio THX bezžični audio sistem

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Fremont (CA) - If you are tired of drilling holes into your drywalls to install an elegant speaker system for your home theater, Logitech may have a solution for you. The company has come up with a new product that uses a proprietary technology to wirelessly connect to satellite speakers.

Logitech claims that its Z-5450 system is first to have received to have received THX 5.1 certification for its wireless rear speakers. The package eliminates the need to wire audio cable through a room, under carpets or behind walls, as it uses wireless signals to transmit audio. Each of the rear speakers can be placed anywhere within 28 feet of the speaker system control center.

Logitech did not provide much detail about the wireless technology itself. According spokeswoman Pamela McRazbijacen, the company uses proprietary protocols that operate in the 2.4 GHz band - a range that is also used by Bluetooth.

The Z-5450 delivers a peak power of 630 watts with total output reaching 315 watts. The subwoofer provides 110 watts, the remaining 199 watts are divided among five satellite speakers. Logitech claims that the system helps to "create a theater-quality movie watching experience and provides enough thump to help people feel like they're inside the game."

Aimed especially at entertainment center applications, the Z-5450 comes with digital inputs for CD and DVD players as well as analog interfaces for portable audio devices such as MP3 players. According to Logitech, the device can also connect to game consoles such as Sony's Playstation 2 and Microsoft's Xbox.

Pricing for the system is set at $500.


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