Jedna od mojih pesama

Jedna od mojih pesama

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The dark is my only side,
let me go,
I just wanna ride my ride.
My address is ,,Empty space",
just let me go,
I must ride my race.
There is some wine on my desk,
one picture on my wall
and big pain in my soul.
You made a mistake,
and now I am in the mess,
I learned my lection,
I guess.
Becouse of you
I'm crying every day,
look,there is not reasons to stay.
Maybe you write now don't see,
but we are strangers,
that are we.
I am full of gain,
And tell me what to do now,
whit this pain?
When is gonna stop this rain?
Tell me!
I believe in better tomorow
because I don't want to remember
what is hapined today
or yesterday.
It is late for the new start,
I've got so many holes on my heart.
You are always busy,
you was on my born,
but later not.
You see?!
It is not soo easy to me.
This situacion is nightmare,
take care,
I am leaving now.

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