prica o ljubavi

prica o ljubavi

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Ovo je divna prica (n/n), pa je samim tim verovatno i znate ili je ima negde na forumu (pokusala sam da je nadjem, ali ima dosta posts)- u tom slicaju skinite je....a ako ne - enjoy!

Once upon a time, long before us all, all human feelings and faults gathered at a secret place on earth...

When BOREDOM yarned for the third time CRAZINESS, as crazy as it is, yelled: “Let’s play hide and seek!”. INTRIGUE raised it’s right eyebrow; CURIOSITY as it could not resist asked: “Hide and seek? What kind of a game is that?”
CRAZINESS started explaining: “…it is a game in which I close my eyes and count to million until all of you hide. When I finish with the count I start looking for you all, and the one I do not find wins the game!”
ENTHUSIASM started dancing, followed by EUPHORIA. HAPPINESS jumped up and down so much that DOUBT and APATHY, who are never really interested in anything, got convinced to join the game. But not all wanted to play…
TRUTH was against hiding, and in the end why should she hide?! In the end everyone finds her anyway. PRIDE thought it was a stupid idea, even though he was angry he wasn’t the one who thought of the game first. CAUTION did not want to risk it…
“one, two, three….” CRAZINESS started to count…

LAZYNESS hid first, and as always it just hid behind the first rock around.
FAITH climbed up to the sky.
JEALOUSY hid in the shadow of SUCCESS who with great hardship climbed on top the highest tree.
GENEROSITY could not decide where to hide as each hiding place looked perfect for one of her friends.
BEAUTY jumped in the crystal clear lake, whilst GRACE found its place in a flight of butterflies.
FREEDOM hid in the breath of wind.
SELFISHNESS found a perfect and airy hiding place, but just for itself.
LIE hid at the bottom of the ocean (it is lying… it hid at the end of the rainbow!)
LUST and PASSION hid in the crater of the volcano.
FORGETFULLNESS forgot to hide, but that isn’t important.
When CRAZINESS counted up to 999 999, LOVE still could not find a hiding place because each place that she tried would be occupied. LOVE spotted a rose bush and jumped in hiding behind the rose buds.

“MILLION!!!” shouted CRAZINESS and started its search…
First she found LAZYNESS behind the first rock, followed by FAITH who was chatting to God way above us…
LUST and PASSION jumped out of the crater in fear, whilst by accident she stumbled upon JEALOUSY and of course SUCCESS whilst there was no need to look for SELFISHNESS as it jumped out of the hiding place which was a bee hive!
Because of all the searching CRAZINESS got thirsty and therefore found BEATY in the crystal clear lake. With DOUBT it was very easy because it could not decide on the hiding place so she remained to sit by the nearest tree.
In time, bit by bit, CRAZINESS found everyone. TALENT was hidden in the golden field, ANXIETY in the burnt grass, LIE at the end of the rainbow (she is lying, she was at the end of an ocean), whilst FORGETFULNESS forgot that they were even playing a game…

Only love could not be found…
CRAZINESS searched each bush, each top of a hill and mountain, and when it was already full of anger she looked at the rose bush. She walked in the rose bush and out of anger and helplessness she started hitting the amazing pretty rosebuds. Suddenly, a painful scream was heard from the rosebush. The rose pricks scratched the eyes of LOVE and blinded her.
CRAZINESS did not know what to do to balance what she has done. She cried and asked for forgiveness…
At the end she decided to remain by LOVE forever and help her.

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