Aqua Deskperience 1.1

Aqua Deskperience 1.1

  • Pridružio: 10 Nov 2005
  • Poruke: 293
  • Gde živiš: `grad u kome je glupo voziti skejt`

nije free....Smile,ali nije lose imati ovaj program....
Copy/Paste unavailable?Aqua Deskperience extracts text from anywhere on the screen, in any application, even text where copy/paste is disabled as in folder trees, message boxes, dialog boxes, file lists, database reports, buttons and more... Than you can automatically paste captured text into your text editor, print it, send it by email, translate it, spellcheck-it or search it in hundreds of online resources.
Besides Aqua built-in menus, you can add your favorites sites in 3 easy steps with an easy to use wizard. So you can search wherever you want directly from any application!
Other power features:
Screen Capture: Capture any region of the screen as a picture, the easiest way available. You don't have to use a specialized selection tool. Just keep pressed Ctrl-Shift keys and select with the mouse the area you want to grab.
Color Picker: Copy instantly the color code of any pixel on the screen and paste it into your graphics editor.
Password Recovery: See the hidden text behind asterisks just by ctrl-right clicking them.
Smart link recognition: Whenever you find a web address as a plain text (does not navigate if clicked) use Aqua to open the site with one click.
Deskbar Search: Aqua comes with a small, unobtrusive and auto-hide window where you can type a search term being a convenient replacement for myriad of toolbars taking the space of your browser. It opens a browser faster than Windows itself.

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