Audio Caller ID

Audio Caller ID

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Audio Caller ID v1.6

Audio Caller ID is simple to use and keeps you in control of your incoming phone calls. Audio Caller ID uses the latest text to speech engines, so you will always be able to clearly hear who is calling. You can optionally assign pre-recorded sounds to be played for specified callers. Know who is calling, even when you are away from home. Audio Caller ID uses minimal system resources and stays out of your way while you're working. The task try icon quickly shows you the number of new calls. With Audio Caller ID, you'll never again have to get up to find out who's calling.

Main features of "Audio Caller ID v1.6":

- See and hear who is calling

- Email yourself who called

- Block unwanted calls

- Publish call log to your web site

- Return calls with a single click

- No extra hardware required

- Much more...



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