DJ Mix Pro 3.0 Build 46g

DJ Mix Pro 3.0 Build 46g

  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
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DJ Mix Pro is a smart MP3 player and mixer that performs fully automatic quality DJ mixes ( cross fading, beat matching) between all songs. It also proposes a new approach of computer DJ mixing since you can build and listen to your mixes before they get played for real. You can never fail a mix now.

DJ Mix Pro is the ideal DJ mixing program for parties and night clubs or just background music. DJ Mix Pro is a smart MP3 player and mixer that proposed a new approach of computer DJ mixing.

DJ Mix Pro it allows to design your mixes on headphones while music is playing on speakers. You can never fail a mix again. It also proposes quality DJ mixes between songs, thanks to its music beats matching knowledge.

DJ Mix Pro has built in Beatlock Technology, that makes it beat-aware. This technology does not alter your sound files, it just analyses them to find the BPM.

Knowing the beats, it is able to perform high quality DJ mixes. This is the ultimate DJ program for parties.

Limitations (nisu bas strasna ogranicenja tako da je program upotrebljiv):

The demo version is fully functional except for the following points :
· It is limited to 10 beatlock mixes. After 10 mixes, you get no more beat matching mixes.
· It cannot dump played sound to files.
· It doesn´t beatlock analyze files in the database.

tezak je oko 1.5 MB

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