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PVAStrumento is a tool to convert files recorded with a DVB PC-card in PVA-format to regular MPEG2 program streams.
It can also be used to "repair" existing MPEG2 PS for further processing.

PVAstrumento is freeware and may be freely downloaded, used and distributed.

In digital video broadcasting the sound and images are send in an MPEG2 transport stream. This is a format that was specifically designed for transmission of video over non-lossless media (such as airwaves or the internet). A DVB-receiver has to cope with packet loss and can do so thanks to the nature of the transport stream. When you want to play videos on your computer ("software player") or VCD-/DVD-player ("standalone player") these devices expect an MPEG2 program stream, a format specifically designed for video storage on mass storage media. Therefore to play the video captured with a DVB-card in your computer, the stream has to be converted from transport stream (TS) to program stream (PS) format.


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