Shrinkto5 - open source DVD copying engine

Shrinkto5 - open source DVD copying engine

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Shrinkto5 - open source DVD copying engine

ShrinkTo5 is the new, powerful and fast DVD copying engine. ShrinkTo5 has been developed as a cross-platform engine available for free for anyone. To ensure a fast spreading to other platforms ShrinkTo5 is distributed as open-source.
ShrinkTo5 can copy movies with an undeniably superior picture quality. No matter if you wish to copy just the main movie or the whole movie DVD, ShrinkTo5 always produces a superb picture quality, since the ShrinkTo5 engine always concentrates on the main movie. No tedious configuration is needed like with other copying tools, ShrinkTo5 will always find the perfect balance automatically.

Features at a glance

-Prof. Settings
-Dynamic Compression Manager
-Now Build in Burn Interface
-High Speed mode
-Can copy whole DVDs, Custom Mode and MovieOnly
-Using the supporting machinist.dll ShrinkTo5 can also copy encrypted DVDs
-Corrects embedded structural errors
-Analysis and copy in one step
-Preview during the copy process
-Low memory footprint

The ShrinkTo5 GUI offers you a perfect solution for end users. It is extremely feasible to use and is also nice to look at.
The ShrinkTo5 GUI also features multi- language and is available in many languages.

ShrinkTo5 GUI Version with Multilanguage Support. This Version is compiled without DeCSS.

Since DeCSS is not illegal in every country, ShrinkTo5 offers a Plugin interface. By using the popular "machinist.dll" which contains major DeCSS implementations, you can enable ShrinkTo5 to decrypt CSS. Download the DLL and put it in the same folder as ShrinkTo5. That's it.

Download ShrinkTo5 :

Download machinist.dll :

Homepage :

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kakav li je u odnosu na DVD Shrink i Nero Recode?

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Zoni, daje malko losiju (kockastiju) sliku, ali je neuporedivo laksi za koriscenje. Mislim ubacis disk, uneses folder 'de 'oces da skines disk, kliknes ono veliko play dugme, i cekas...
machinist.dll se koristi za css (content scrambling system) diskove, i zna da zezne stvar i to na 99%, ali generalno radi posao...

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hhhmmm...sta kazete na ove reviews sa da li se slazete?

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