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1. "Changed file handling" module significantly improved - now the defragmentation is more smooth if there is lot of other disk activity, and much faster when there are big files being constantly modified by other programs.
2. NEW FEATURE Added an option to shutdown the PC when defrag is finished
3. Fixed wrong calculation of MFT reserved zone size in boot time module.
4. Fixed boot time module skipping entire defrag process when only MFT reserved size is changed.
5. Program icon made 32 bit to fix jagged edges
6. In "Auto" mode, after defragmentation the status says "Analyzed" instead of "Defragmented" - fixed
7. The end cluster of a file and the start cluster of the next file are the same in cluster viewer - fixed
8. Defragmentation mode control fixed to close when clicked on the same mode.

Homepage: http://www.disktrix.com
Download: http://www.disktrix.com/downloads/UltimateDefrag3Setup.exe

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UltimateDefrag 6.0.50
Decembar, 2019.

What's New:
Citat:Improvement - You can now exclude files in Recycle Bin from going into Archive Zone
Re-added additional functions to cluster viewer fly out panel - Open containing folder, highlight this file

UltimateDefrag6 now gives you more available space on your hard drive and an average of 50% faster file read performance on regular mechanical hard drives. NTFS compressed files read faster because today's processors can decompress files faster on-the-fly than the hard drive can read them. e.g. it is almost twice as fast to access and decompress a 1 Gb compressed file than it is to access its 2 Gb uncompressed version.


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