Internet Explorer 7.0 Takes A Lot after Firefox

Internet Explorer 7.0 Takes A Lot after Firefox

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This shouldn't come as a huge surprise for many users who are already aware what the innovations included in the new Microsoft browser will be. The Inquirer confirms the assumptions that IE looks too much like Mozilla's Firefox. But really, it was to be expected, considering Internet Explorer is going full speed for the tabbed browsing feature, for a redesigned user
interface and better security settings, all of which are included in the open source browser.

After seeing the browser at work, the similarities between the two solutions are self evident. Aside the tabbed browsing, even the search button at the left hand side looks and feels like the one included in the free browser. Just as in Firefox you can add new search engines. The new security features enable the user to more easily block nasty sites and this new version of the browser will offer the possibility to include RSS news feeds.

Still, there's nothing really revolutionary about this new browser, IE 7.0 simply shrinks the gap between its previous version and what the competition is offering now.


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eh... pa, dobro je kad proizvodjaci softvera "pozajmljuju" dobre ideje jedni od drugih!

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