Prve zvanicne informacije o Longhornu!

Prve zvanicne informacije o Longhornu!

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The first details about Longhorn
The operating system for the following 10 years?

During a press conference that took place yesterday, Jim Allchin, Microsoft Vice President, made a short description of Longhorn.

Jim Allchin announced that a pre-beta preview version, optimized for OEM and software producers will be available to those who participate to the Microsoft WinHEC conference in Seattle at the end of the month.

The Beta 1 version is announced for this summer, and Microsoft hopes the final version will be released in the summer of 2006.

Microsoft has high hopes for the new operating system
and doesn’t want it just a Windows XP SP3, but the operating system for the next 10 years.

As it was known, Longhorn will integrate the Avalon GUI and the Indigo Web service system, and will come in two versions: a 32 bit one and a 64-bit one.

Allchin showed how the new search system, which is similar to Spotlight din Mac OS X Tiger, will look like. The results of a search can be saved as virtual folders which will automatically update. The user can attribute every file key words and a classification for an easier search.

The icons of files are no longer simple standardized pictures, but reduced images of the document. For example, in the case of Word files, the icon will be the reduced image of the first page.

The GUI entitled AeroGlass with translucent windows and 3D effects, which will give the graphics card a rough time, is announced as spectacular.

Aside from a powerful graphics card, AeroGlass’s effects will also require a lot of RAM, the minimum requirements being 512 MB; for those who don’t appreciate the graphical aspects, the current interface will also be available.

Longhorn will be the first Windows developed around security, and besides integrating antivirus software, Microsoft is also considering changes for the Internet Explorer.
The new Internet Explorer will allow the defining of user rights, reducing in this way the access to sites acknowledged as having an increased security risk.

Another series of changes targets the mobile experience, Longhorn allowing the fast integration of a laptop into any type of network and the easiest connection to a multimedia projector. The combination between the fast start option and the support for external display will allow laptops to display information from the agenda with the complete loading of the operating system.

The first beta version which will be available to end users will be Beta 2 and Allchin didn’t specify a release date, but most probable it will happen towards the end of this year or the first trimester of the next one.

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