Smešni i zanimljivi video klipovi


Smešni i zanimljivi video klipovi

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  • Pridružio: 18 Apr 2008
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  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

A scene that formed part of a romantic subplot deleted from the finished film.

Yea right Wink)

Dopuna: 23 Nov 2008 15:35

We teamed up with I Set My Friends on Fire to make a hardcore music video about sex ed. and it's funny Smile

There comes a time in every mans life
when he grows hair where it used to be bare

I know you're feeling weird, but you should be happy
You don't have a vagina, that would be crappy
Because periods suck (and commas rule!)
This is Sex Education, not grammar, fool!.............

Dopuna: 23 Nov 2008 22:00

Despite arguments against capital punishment, the Justices overwhelmingly approved its use, especially if they get to participate in some executions.

Dopuna: 24 Nov 2008 6:22

Morning After with Owen - Episode 7

Owen is surprised to find that he has a lot in common with the girl he woke up with (Kate Wilkinson), a little too much.

Dopuna: 24 Nov 2008 19:09

Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchuck

Don't know is it fake or real but is good any way Smile

Dopuna: 25 Nov 2008 22:21

Josh performs a Beat box that's so Beastly! It's the World's greatest Beat box

Dopuna: 26 Nov 2008 15:01

Johnson and Richards make a great team-- that is, until they are pitted against one another for a promotion.

We will wait for more Smile and i hope u like it this is something different Smile

Dopuna: 26 Nov 2008 17:51

Ever wanted to learn everything and yet nothing about the Bible all at the same time? Then this video is for you...

If this video could have been rated with 10 it would be 20 if u ask me Smile

Dopuna: 27 Nov 2008 12:00

Hardcore tribute to Gonzaga University, a private, Jesuit college in Spokane, Washington. Jesu-WHAT!?!

Dopuna: 28 Nov 2008 16:19

Hilarious commercial or what?...

Be careful what you give your wife for anniversary and holidays Smile

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  • Pridružio: 13 Nov 2003
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  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

As we all now 1st December was day for fight against HIV/aids .. and as i had way 2 many things to organise last 3-4 days i didn't post at all Smile so.. Here are few best ads that i used on projector screen and party's that i organised in last few days ... Enjoy

FurTV - Is Buying A Condom Embarrassing ?

FurTV - Why Do I Need A Condom ?

FurTV - Do Condoms Reduce Sensitivity ?

FurTV - What Is Unsafe Sex ?

All this videos are part of MTV's project to make young people to use condoms .. enjoy..

Dopuna: 03 Dec 2008 23:55

NASA instructors offer a firsthand look at the training astronauts endure before they can physically and mentally withstand an appearance on Larry King Live.

Dopuna: 04 Dec 2008 11:42

The decade that defined a generation. Some differently than others.

Dopuna: 05 Dec 2008 17:05

A kid has a weird reaction to a puppet show. Funny stuff.

  • Pridružio: 16 Avg 2004
  • Poruke: 2970
  • Gde živiš: Threading On My Dreams

  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

Hitler gets suspended from his account for botting!

This is part from movie.. just added title Smile

  • Onsite IT Support Engineer
  • Pridružio: 08 Mar 2005
  • Poruke: 1148
  • Gde živiš: Niš

Ljudi ovo morate da vidite, verujte mi! Umirem od smeha LOL LOL

  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

Russell peters Red White & brown 2008
New comedy show that will make u cry Wink Here are all 5 parts that i found .. Enjoy


Dopuna: 07 Dec 2008 22:30

From ImprovEverywhere, a little league baseball game is turned into a major league event. All players, coaches, and parents do not know what is happening. We worked with the league commissioner to get the kids' names and access to the field to setup our equipment the morning of the game. He was the only one in on it. NBC Sports worked with us and got us the jumbotron and the blimp.

Dopuna: 08 Dec 2008 13:53

The first single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD"

Heheh dont know is this comedy funny video or what Smile but its exelent Smile
Sorry for no lyrics but song is exelent Smile

Dopuna: 08 Dec 2008 19:17

New York Giant's Plaxico Burress warns about the dangers of wreckless gun use. Starring Derek Brantley. Ahahah this is awesome!! Smile

Dopuna: 09 Dec 2008 18:48

Chad hates aliens. A lot.

Dopuna: 09 Dec 2008 20:31

Justin Timberlake's Pipi In A Box is a holiday favorite.

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Cancel or Allow


Upgrade no. 2


Angel & Devil

Microsoft Office


  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

Just me and my buddy Joey havin' some fun with our local pizza joints... Cuz why not!?

Dopuna: 12 Dec 2008 13:04

Hahaha this guy did it Smile Cleaver
So now u know .. always check pizza when received Wink

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