Smešni i zanimljivi video klipovi


Smešni i zanimljivi video klipovi

  • Pridružio: 29 Jul 2008
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nevjerovatan lik zaista ! ! ! šta mu sve neće pasti na pamet LOL

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  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
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An Alaskan hockey mom becomes Vice President in the wackiest family comedy of the year! Sound familiar?

Dopuna: 07 Okt 2008 14:25

Compilation of Peter Griffin from the latest Family Guy episode.

this guy who made it out done himself Smile LOL

Dopuna: 07 Okt 2008 19:44

This is something realyyyy special!!

Over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Station in New York.

This is one of over 70 different missions Improv Everywhere has executed over the past six years in New York City. Others include the No Pants Subway Ride, the Best Buy uniform prank, and the famous U2 Rooftop Hoax, to name a few. Visit the website to see tons of photos and video of all of our work, including behind the scenes information on how this video was made.

Dopuna: 08 Okt 2008 0:14

An episode of "Hardly Working," the comedy sketch series that the CollegeHumor staff shoots & acts in around our office. We're some of the people that run CH and create CHTV videos.

Dopuna: 08 Okt 2008 17:37

Hahaha hilarious parody on movies... What would happen if they all had cell phones and how short movies would be Smile

Dopuna: 08 Okt 2008 20:04

Remix of the original scene from Office Space with the spoof from the Family Guy episode "I dream of Jesus".

Dopuna: 09 Okt 2008 12:14

MG what a weirdo attention whore. I was sitting here recording something for fallofautumndistro's book, and I had to feed my turtle. So I decided to put the worm in my mouth. He wasn't hurt in the making of this video, but he suffered a sad death moments later (at the mouth of Tortellini). I'm not sure which was worse for the poor worm.

Dopuna: 09 Okt 2008 21:01

Fred enters the race for Kindergarten president so he can make a difference. FRED: He Can!

Dopuna: 10 Okt 2008 20:06

The power of Bunnies compels you! Ever wish Ellen Burstyn, Max Von Sydow, and Linda Blair were smaller, cuter, and fuzzier? Now your devilish desire is fulfilled when the 30 Second Bunnies Minisode the possessed horror classic: The Exorcist.

Dopuna: 11 Okt 2008 1:49

This Clip is from Chris Rock's special Kill the Messenger and is the property of Chris Rock Enterprise Inc, and its sole purpose is for education. Why men like kinky sex.

Dopuna: 11 Okt 2008 3:40

Bill Maher & Chris rock on Real Time 09-26-08 talking about the Presidential Debate, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin
I rely love this man he is so special!!!!!
Damm Chris Rock Rocks!!

Dopuna: 11 Okt 2008 13:57

In this episode of Make a Hot Girl Laugh we find out who has a better chance of making a Hot Girl laugh: a straight guy or a gay guy. Watch as comics D'Sean Ross and Jason Dudey do battle for the laughs of hot girl Randi Howell. A original.

Dopuna: 11 Okt 2008 20:55

Jake McBride is the world's greatest softball player... and the world's worst gambler. He's just made a bet that he can win the beer league softball championship with a team of gorgeous and sexy models. Can the models compete without breaking a nail? Jake has to fire his team and find some new models.

Would u like to watch this type of softball Smile

  • Pridružio: 18 Mar 2005
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Japanski show "Silent Library"Very Happy

  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

Disco Bear goes trick-or-treating for Halloween, but gets more tricks than he bargains for!

  • Civil Works Team Leader @ IKEA Centres Russia
  • Pridružio: 22 Jun 2005
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"Papirni" notebook...

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  • Pridružio: 08 Okt 2008
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Smešne nezgode. Plakao sam... LOL

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  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

Referee is totally drunk, video from Belorussia

Dopuna: 20 Okt 2008 18:21

Chris Rock talks to Dave about Sarah Palin killing a moose while Michael Vick is in jail for killing dogs.

Dopuna: 24 Okt 2008 12:33

Jack Nicholson's vaguely creepy Hillary 08 montage isn't the only campaign ad using footage of psychopathic characters to try to sway voters. So who's the world's #1 badass endorsing in 08?

Dopuna: 24 Okt 2008 16:47

15 pairs of twins create a human mirror on a New York subway car.

Dopuna: 25 Okt 2008 13:13

Candidate Peter Griffin...champion of the common man...Vote Peter for President! No other candidate comes close!.

  • Pridružio: 25 Mar 2008
  • Poruke: 64

Evo kratkog infoa sto kazu za ovaj video Smile ako se secate wassaaap reklame od pre 8 godina sve ce vam biti jasno ako ne imate dole link i od starog videa Smile ludnica

Its been eight long years since the boys said wassup to each other. Even with the effects of a down economy and imminent change in the White House, the boys are still able to come together and stay true to what really matters.

This was one of the best bud light ads ever... now in other edition Smile Enjoy it ...


And if u want to view old wasssaaappp
Classic Budweiser Commercial

Dopuna: 25 Okt 2008 18:48

"The Evil Dead" meets "West Side Story" in this tale of rival Mac and PC gangs fighting -- and dancing -- to the death.

I must warn u they did make all this with make up Smile ..

Dopuna: 26 Okt 2008 16:11

Lego Batman faces a challenge that's like, the hardest he's ever faced or something. I don't know

Hahah this is a good one Smile i usually don't like this shit but this one owns!! Smile

Dopuna: 26 Okt 2008 19:23

Lotsa comedians on one place.. enjoy..

We bring you the straight deal on the 2008 Elections. Obama, McCain, red, blue—all fair game for our comics across the county. They say what you cant—and the candidates wont.

Dopuna: 27 Okt 2008 11:50

Very funny live TV blunders
Hehehe i almost pissed in my pants Smile

Dopuna: 27 Okt 2008 15:18

This is a message to all haters. Thank you for everyone who helped make this video!

Btw read sub title Smile)

Dopuna: 28 Okt 2008 16:44

Includes The forbidden tapes and Funny home videos from all over the world

Dopuna: 28 Okt 2008 20:53

From her sexy girl clip, 2008 Cyber Girl of the Year Jo Garcia tests out boxing on the new Wii Fit.
Don't we all love box?? Well i bet we all love more playboy girls Smile

  • Pridružio: 01 Feb 2008
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