Sta kazu Jenkiji, Srbin si kad...

Sta kazu Jenkiji, Srbin si kad...

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Your mom uses lard instead of Crisco to fry eggs.
Your family owns a coffee grinder..and a nut grinder
You have 17 consonants and 2 vowels in your last name
Duck tape is your father's only tool next to using a kitchen knife as a
screwdriver .
Baba chased you around the house with Kamilica to drink and Vicks toshove up
your nose when you had a cold.
Your 15 year old sister can out-drink any Amerikanac
You get a C in history, but can recite every Serbian king, in order,from
Czar Dusan
Your dad never told you about the birds and the bees
At your wedding you know only about a third of the people there.
At your wedding you have a minimum of 350 guests.
At your wedding the first song is always "danas majka zeni svoga sina".
You have at least 3 slave to attend to on the same day.
All slave have the same cuisine "supa, sarma, Pecenje".
All weddings have the same cuisine "supa, sarma, Pecenje".
All christenings have the cuisine "supa, sarma, Pecenje".
A Serb girl tries to look 23 but she's actually 15.
At least one of your friends name is "Dragan".
You are somehow related to every 1 in 3 Serb girls/boys.
You don't actually attend University, just hang out there and play "tablic".
You can derive "Steve" from "Nenad".
You can derive "David" from "Zeljko".
You can derive "Mark" from "Mirko".
Your father calls you a "dummy" for not knowing how to do something he can't
Even the fat Serb chicks put on the tightest skirt possible.
Your father expects you to study or "hit da books" every waking hour that
he's home, and he expects nothing less than an "A".
A cold shiver runs down your spine when your mom threatens by using the word
"tata" in a sentence.
Your Deda cuts the grass with knee high black socks and slippers.
You work out six days a week, but somehow you dad whoops your ass in like
five seconds after he comes home from a thirteen hour day from the
bakery/factory/food business.
You own a leather jacket.
You have three pairs of black shoes.
You drive a nicer car than your parents.
There is a 120-gallon barrel of wine and Cabbage in your garage.
There is more alcohol in your liquor cabinet than at the local bar.
You hear birds chirping and see the sun rise every time you come home from
the bar.
Your mother still makes your bed.
You are 18 years old but your parents still call you by your brother's name.
Every car your family owns has chrome wheels.
Your Baba calls all cereal "Corn Flakes".
You can hear your dad snoring from across the street.
Your dad carries around enough money to buy a car.
Your dad wears black socks to work everyday.
Your Baba and Deda live in your basement.
You wear a DKNY t-shirt when you work out.
Your parents never go on vacations because they are afraid to leave you home
alone for a week.
You have all brand new appliances in your kitchen but your mom cooks in the
basement with the stove from your old house.
Your baba swears more than you do.
Your dad claims not to be a racist but insists the whole world should speak
You are prohibited from speaking English in you own home.
Before school every morning your parents had to look after the sheep, milk
the cows, gather all hay, feed the animals etc..
Both your parents had to walk to school barefoot in the snow, 5km uphill
both ways. And over rocks.
Your parents can't pronounce "Thursday".
You argue that your mobile phone is better than anyone else's.
Your mum makes her own bread and slices it with a BIG kitchen knife to a
thickness of 5cm per slice.
You have the biggest sandwiches at school, always consisting of "prsut Or
Your dad wears dress socks with tennis shoes.
Each one of your friends has a distinct, annoying laugh.
All the hot girls/guys are your cousins.
Your dad starts to swear obsessively whenever he watches CNN.
Your parents have gone on vacation ONCE and it was to Yugo.
There's oil stains on your driveway.
There's at least one relative that your family refuses to talk to.
Being someone's KUM really has no meaning.
Your dad thinks he knows everything about the world today.
You had to break off a tree branch from your back yard, so your dad could
whoop your ass with it.
When your walls are crowded with icons of saints
Your last name ends with a CH
You have black hair and brown eyes
When you speak Serbian and not English on your "You know when you're Serb"
When you are reading this list and you're (zabranjeno)ing up
Your mom uses lard instead of Crisco to fry eggs. ..... and tells you it's
good for you
When you are hopelessly trying to bring the Serbian community together
When you make jokes based on your own tragedy
Your church has a fully loaded bar
One of your relatives is a construction worker / painter
You are high maintenance
The main menu for lunch is cabbage and beans.
A loaf of bread is eaten for lunch.
You don't want to have or do any business with Serbs.
The minute Church services are finished you run to the bar in the Church
Hall and get plastered
You only go out of town for Serbian Tournaments and Dances
Your dad pronounced the silent b in Climb, plumber, comb etc…
Your parents have a shot of rakija for breakfast
You started to drink at the age of 12
You don't talk to your Kumovi
Your mom wears her bra as a bathing suit
It takes over 8 years to finish college
If you are female, you first name ends in "A"
You have a Serbian cross, flag, or icon, hanging from your rear view mirror
Your uncle makes his own wine that is stronger than rakija
You think everything is a conspiracy
Your dad thinks that the phone is bugged
If you are a girl and not married by the age of 20 you are an old maid
There is a baba hotline 1-800-CALL-BABA
Your mother insists that "promaja" will kill you
Your mother insists that you must eat something with "kasika" at least
several times a week
You base your whole life on the fortune in your coffee cup
You eat canned peppers and ajvar with every meal
You have a Kosovka Devojka goblen hanging on your wall
You live with your mom and dad until you are married
You have a pair of wool slippers that your baba knit
Your mom tells you not to sit on concrete or your ovaries are going to
On your birthday, your parents make you take a picture cutting the cake with
a huge knife.
Your dad washes the garage floor with the hose wearing cheap criss-cross
brown flip-flops.
There's a slab of fat in your fridge called "slanina"
Rakija is used to cure all illnesses, celebrate all occasions and as a
massage lotion
When you celebrate Christmas and Easter and New Year two weeks after
everyone else
At your birthdays everyone is singing "Happy brzday tu u"
You wear as much gold as your girlfriend/mother/sister
When the head of a pig with an apple in its mouth is looked upon as a
As a kid you are paid to steal the bride's shoe at a wedding
When your baba will not accept the fact that you're not hungry
You teach all your American friends Serbian cuss words
When your friends can't believe you got drunk at a church function
When all your Serbian friends dad's kick your ass.
When all your Serbian friend's dads offer you slivo at age 16.
Your Tata complains da ga ledga BOLE!!!
When you had/have a pet named Mishko.
Your parents pronounce three, thirteen and thirty three as tri, tirteen, and
tirty tree.
You get the mumps and your baba ties slabs of bacon (slanina) around your
ears to cure the mumps.
You have a vegetable garden in your backyard consisting of a variety of
peppers, onions and tomatoes.
You have a freezer that is loaded with meat products, especially pork.
You have a cold cellar that includes a variety of meat/deli products,pickled
goods, and wine.
When your parents constantly say you'll end up a nobody if you don't
graduate from University
When you have to reassure your Mother that her cooking is the best
When your Mom proclaims that she doesn't gossip about other Serbs but full
well knows that she does
When you're an (zabranjeno) and still recieve Easter chocolate
When you had to go perform as an altar boy
You go to a restaurant and you bring your own drinks
Whenever you went by Baba's house, she offered you supa, sarma, pecenje or
kolace and got mad if you didn't eat EVERYTHING.
You are at a zabava and guy's try to pick you up with "Hey baby, what's your
In your house, the walls are neon green or yellow and your carpet is brown
You can think of nothing you would rather do an a Saturday night than go to
a dance
Your American friends will never understand why you spend so much time at
church events and you are the farthest thing from holy that there is
You live for the annual Folkfest and/or Soccer Tournament
Whenever you kiss somebody, you kiss them 3 times.
When your grandma says that farting is healthy.
You have 4 pairs of opanke in your attic, basement, closet...
When you are told that you'll grow a tail if you drink coffee at a young age
You are freaked out by 'Babaroga'
You took a bath in a lavor when you were a kid.
Your tata pronounces "oops" as "ups."
All the older Serbs around you are always worried about drafts.
You hear the word "BATINE" and you cringe or go into convulsions
Your tata has a smoke house and smokes all the slanina/prsut/pecenje for the
surrounding serb colony
You have opanke hanging from your rear view mirror
The first conversation you had as a baby used the words "jebi ga"
You cant imagine hearing a song without the obligatory "harmonikas solo"
You use Shljivovitca down the carburetor to start your 69 Dodge Charger on a
cold winter morning
You know you are a Serb when you live in Detroit and are proud of it!
You know you are a Serb when you can hear your parents talking, and you are
across the street.
All other action stops when you hear the music : "Boze Pravde", "Kad sam bio
mali", or "Marsirala"
When you're a girl, and you dye your hair no other colour than burgundy..
"Your Baba says everything you do is bad and what you need is a nice Serbian
girl to take care of you!"
"You're the first of your friends to get hair on his back, and grey hair to
"Everyone is sure that you're Italian or Greek"
"Your Baba wastes absolutley no food and even sticks flour in the freezer to
keep fresh"
"Your Baba lectures you everyday of your life because her own children know
better than to listen to her"
"No one has ever pronounced your last name right, and every kid on the block
has a nickname for it"
You know you're Serbian when you don't work and you go shell out $300 easy
on the weekend
You know you're Serbian, when you are a fan of whatever basketball team
Vlade Divac is on
You know you're Serbian when your mom has a whole pharmacy in the medicine
When your mum cuts your hair with a "serpa"
When your mum calls you "stoka"
When you can always smell garlic on your parents breath and they insist it
kills all the bacteria.
You know you are a Serb when you go to the annual picnic on the 4th of July
and it's a big car show where your fellow Serbs show off their cars....
Your parents still prefer to buy cassettes instead of CDs.
When your Baba made you drink warm water when you had a cold, because cold
water would make you feel sicker
When your mom tells you not to drink cold water after you have exercisedyou
When no matter what age you are or how much smarter than your parents you
are, they will never listen to what you say 'cause you're still their little
" beba "
When your baba tells you that your deda is perfect but don't ask him
When your parents know everything you did at the basketball tournament
before you get home
When the baba grapevine travels faster than the national emergency alert
A Serbian baby shower is as big as most American weddings!
When your friends can't understand why your summer vacation consists of
playing golf in a town called Farrell or Aliquippa.
You know you're a Serb when your neighbors never see you during Memorial Day
Weekend because you're traveling with 'that choir'.
You have not seen baba's hair since deda died.
When your mother yells at you for taking a shower each and every morning
with her sarcasm "Did you plow the fields today?"
When all guys balk at the idea of meeting you family, especially the male
When no matter how old you are, your parents say you are never right.
When you are 6'5" 250# and your parents think you are too skinny.
You know at least 20 Tool and Die Makers or Machinists or you are one
Your Dad tells you "kad sam ja bio u tvoje godine...."
You go to church 2 times a year... Bozic and Uskrs
When you say you're hungry, and then go buy pack of smokes
When your baba chases you down the street with her cipela...
When your baba rather walk five miles to the grocery store instead of
getting a ride.
When you have a chicken running around in your back yard...
When your tata is talking to you and every other word he calls you is
When your mama gives you vodka when your teething...
When your tata whips you before your relatives come over for your
When you hang your clothes in the backyard on a clothes line even though you
have a dryer...
When you are a eating at the kitchen table with your family and you get in
trouble for talking.
You have a shot of rakija followed by a crna kafa and a pack of Malboro's
for breakfast.
You sport the latest Nike and Adidas outfits but have never exercised in
your life
You always have the latest mobile phone on the market
You can spend 3hrs in a Cafe drinking the same one coffee
Calling someone for a chat at 1am on a weeknight is the norm
When your parents call relatives in Yugo they shout to be heard
Your parents work day and night to build the ultimate brick and concrete
mansion so their sin and snaja can live with them in eternal happiness
When everytime your family needs to buy a household item, your father asks
the salesperson "how much for cash" and continues to bargain down for at
least half an hour
Your parents believe that being left handed is the sign of the devil
When as a young boy/girl you have your head shaved to promote a thick head
of healthy hair
As soon as you tell a neighbour you're Serb they ask you for some rakija
When your front yard is all concrete ... and your dad then paints it green
When at least 3 of your cousins are Cro
When you believe the most famous people in the world are Serbs who changed
their name
When you're married with kids and your mother still insists on cooking and
cleaning for you
When on your birthday everyone pulls your ears
When your baba chases you around the house with a varjaca
When your parents call you "sine" no matter if your a boy or a girl.
When your parents only want to invite your Serbian friends in your house
When your parents only let you go to your Serbian friends' house.
Your mom gloats about how good Serbian food is but cooks Turkish coffee for
all her friends
Thinking there's no such thing as Santa Claus but believing St Nicholas will
come to your house
When you work part time and drive a BMW
A cassette or Video of Lepa Brena is in your Video case or radio
When your tata tells you a narodna poslovica for everything single wrong
thing you do and you think that he made them all up just to prove a point.
Your parents always complain about how the "matematika" you're doing in
school is too easy for kids your age.
When your baba and deda believe that you got sick because your parents
didn't feed you properly
When you are watching your favorite basketball team and someone scores a
three pointer you interpret the referee's three fingers in the air as
support for Serbia
When you open gifts not to tear the wrapping so your baba can reuse the
paper and bows
When there are more fights at a wedding than a championship match
When you write on your history exam that Nikola Tesla is the father of
electricity not Thomas Edison and you teacher fails you.
When you make a pilgrimage to Chicago
When your parents tell you that the laws pertain only to North Amaericans
and not them
When you call your next door neighbor "kone"
You get scared when your dad sneezes
When you insist on talking Serbian even when you're with your American
When you date someone from church
When all your Serb guy friends insist they're Cetnici
When your dad likes to sit home and play the harmonika
When you go on vacation and your dad spends all his time playing tablic at
the hotel
When the spaghetti and macaroni and cheese your mom makes tastes like lamb
from the lamb grease she saved to put in everything
When tipping rule of thumb is: no need to tip if you will never eat at that
restaurant again
When no one enters your house through the front door. .. everyone is to
enter through the garage
When your cat is named matcak and your dog is named kutcak
When your parents will only go to the doctor if they are passed out on the
floor or have severed a limb
When to ensure that you will never marry a non-serb, whenever you are in the
car with your parents, your parents play Serb music and sing along really
loud when the windows are rolled down in the car
If your real first name isn't Serbian, you have two first names -- one is
definitely Serbian.
When the first thing you do when you walk into a friends house, is take off
your shoes, kiss their mom, and shake their dad's hand
When your friends' parents talk to you like they're YOUR PARENTS too.
When you beg a friend going back to Yugo to get you some kajmak
When you beg a friend going back to Yugo to get you some Serbian cigarettes
When you bang the table and break glasses while singing when you're drunk.
When your father threatens you with a papuca
When your father says "samo ako te zgrabim ja"
Drinking a cold glass of water will get you sick
When beans are served and your dad tells you that you should call it
"gospodin pasulj
You know you are Serb when your boyfriend / husband says to you "cut bre"
When you step on poop and your mom tells you that it's a sign of luck or
You know you're a Serb when this list keeps growing and it's getting hard to
edit it!
Baba's extra refrigerator is the back porch...
You can't even think about beginning the kolach until 1:00 in the morning,
since it's bad luck to make it any earlier than the morning of slava.It's
2:10 AM when you realize the oven, which deda just "repaired", won't
Your first real kiss was during the Kissing Kolo.
You know you're a serb when you are 25, live on you own, and still sneak up
the stairs when you get home at six in the morning.
You cut up some onions and garlic and then decide what you will make for
You think the expression "Don't laugh so much, you will cry" sounds
The word "Sramota!" will deter you from anything
Every one of your relatives from the old country that immigrates to the the
US is an engineer
Cevapcici on the grill are better than steak any day
All Middle Easterners are "Turci"
Your parents order "Pepsi , no ice"
Your grown uncle gets a "batine" from your baba and you don't think twice
about it
Your majka is fond of saying "Tanks God"
Garlic flavored boiled pigs feet spread is yummy
Deda has a 25 year club hat and license plate frame from his steel mill job
and lost three fingers achieving that milestone
Theres a bust of Cica Draza in your house and a hand made afghan on your
You can hear Ceca pumping in your car, with the subs cranked to the max, two
blocks away
You understand what "made in the garage" really means
A week after Slava, Bozic, and Easter you are still eating sarma
When returning from Jugo, everyone at the airport is staring at you becuase
your suitcase smells of rakija
After a few years of working there is a pattern on your leave of absence,
you are sick every year on the 7th, 14th, and 20th of January
You can dance a kolo to anything, including Serbian rock
You read this list to your mama and tata and all they have to say in their
defense is "IC NAT TRU!!!"
You work on a construction, but when you come to YU for vacation you tell
everyone how successfull "biznismen" you are.
You feel nostalgic for drinking and vomiting in front of the liquor store.
When you eat any kind of meat for lunch and your baba says that the
greasiest part is the sweetest.
You listen to gusle and you actually LIKE it
When your mom can bake a cake without sugar, chocolate, flour and oil, and
she calls it " the embargo cake "
When you're sitting in your room and listening to "narodnjake"
When your mama and baba have to wear 18 lbs. of gold around their necks at
the zabavas "zato sto narod moze da vidi koliko smo mi bogat!"
You always buy a Mercedes Benz when you decide to move back to YU.
When you've been called djubre at least once in your life
Your parents buy peppers by the bushels
You have a gold chain with a 'pravoslavni krst' on it
..if you sit too close to the T.V., you'll get cancer.
Your father didn't wear under arm deodorant because it could cause cancer
Your parents insist that piling blankets on your body is the way to cure
your 102 degree fever
When in the family gathering every generation has its own war and is boming
to talk about and be proud for surviving it.
When you think green onions from your deda's garden and a plate of salt is
an appetizer
When your mom does your laundry and makes your bed
Your house smells like luk or krompir and you get pissed because it gets on
your clothes
When you started going to the clubs at 14
You tell your friends to rebel when their parents tell them to be home
before midnight
When you say bitch instead of beach or beach instead of bitch
When your american friends come to your party and beg for you to play
something in english
When you try to spell and it comes out the way you speak it
You've either thrown a hotel party or have gotten thrown out of one
You know you are a Serb when you're mom is running after you to put on a
You know you're a Serb when you refer to John Travolta as "Jontra"
You talk to everyone at a distance of 6 inches
When a lamb/pig was roasted on a backyard pit for your graduation party to
the horror of your friends
You know you're a Serb when you sing "DJURDJEVDAN" at all serbian parties
When you are never certain whether to stay abroad or return to Serbia
Your dad tells you "dis is the turd time I am telling you dis" and you are
afraid to laugh.
Truisms such as "you don't have to look for a fool with a lantern" and
"until you are age 21 you don't have no more brains than a chicken" are
meaningful to you.
All your male relatives in the Old Country have a three day growth of beard,
smell of onions and B.O., and leave saliva on your cheeks when they kiss
Reunions are not complete without dissension and the airing of grievances.
You bring gifts when you come and take gifts when you leave.
You are adored the first 10 years of your life, then treated like a complete
idiot until you get married.
You have no idea why the other girls in second grade are so upset when you
tell them you eat lamb
When you were a kid you made enough money for any electronic toy you wanted
every time you saw your older relatives
You have a doily covering your DVD, VCR, printer, scanner
You make sure to bring pictures of your new car/apartment/house with you to
YU and show them to your jealous relatives & friends but make it look
When you know what "merak" is and spread your arms every single time you
hear "Nema raje bez rodnoga kraja"
When you roll pancakes and eat them as a dessert after dinner
When your tata never misses to "oglodati oko kosti"
When you think there is no better thing in the world but to dip bread in the
lard dripping from a roasted pig
When your pride is more important than your own happiness
When you do not announce yourself before visiting a friend and are happy to
see him/her at your door in the same manner
When you say your last name first and prefer last names that ends in "ic"
You know you're a Serb when your dad thinks everyone from China has a black
You know you're Serbian when all you have to do is sniffle and your parents
(almost gladly) say, "Uh- huh" and start yelling at you for getting sick
You are poor in the United States, but when you go back to Yugo everyone
thinks you are rich.
When there is a knock on the front door and your father asks: Who is?"
When you have run away from Serbia and you’re still saying :It’s the best
place to live!
When you’re BABA is criticizing you every time you say the word "picture"!
When you’re BABA doesn’t want to eat Pizza because it has an AWFUL name.
When you make sure that every non-Serb KNOWS that while at the English court
they were eating with hands King LAZAR was using a golden fork
When you say that the family is to be loved only in the photos
When the hospitality is consisting in making the guest eat till he doesn't
When your tata is ironing, cooking cleaning and cooking, but when the
doorbell rings, you must not open till he doesn’t put himself on the sofa
with a cigarette and a turska kafa
When you meet someone special and the first question you ask is "imas li
When working 9-5 is like working under fascism the first question you ask at
a job interview is "how much vacation time do I have"
When people still think you are from Siberia no matter how many times you
tell them Serbia
When you watch a movie and wait to the end to see if there are any jugovic
in the credits
You think this list is way too long but have already read to the bottom
because it's so funny
When your parents' friends have no shame to tell you that you gained weight
You move next door to a family member to be closer but then end up not
talking for something stupid someone said when they were drunk
Your mother serves you tea only when you are sick
Your Baba tells you to eat ice cream only in summertime
You don't understand the language of your church prayers
The tunes of your popular folk songs sound oriental
Your favorite phrase is "Nema problema"
You get phone calls from your relatives in Yugo at 3AM
Every letter you receive from Yugo ends with "Posalji malo para"
Your parents tell you that sleeping in a cold bedroom is good for your
You're told to speak Serbian to be understood by the whole world
When you're going away for the weekend with your girlfriend/boyfriend and
your mama and baba tell you to buy some nice pyjamas and underwear
For the first 16 years of your life you think your name is J.... Ti Sunce'
No matter what the price is your Dad will still say 'kol'ko?,.., ooh,
bogati, pa skupo' and 'Nasta trosis pare'.
When you put a pound of butter and a pound of cream cheese on your bagel,
then fold it in half.
When you have pictures of saints in your bathroom
Everybody exept for your father serves the guests on "Slava"
When your Dad insists that he must be called Tata and not Dad because to him
Dad means Deda
Your parents insists on you dancing the kolo from an early age and can't
leave it till they had enough taking you to lessons and that is usually
around 16 years of age.
If you were taught to love not just your immediate family but up to your
10th cousin or more and NOT to marry them
When you call the youngest child in your family Bato and don't use their
real name
You know you are born in Australia, America, UK etc but the first words out
of your mouth is Serbian and not English
When everyone in Yugoslavia asks you "pa de ti se vise svidja? tamo ili
You get mad when somebody says that you speak Yugoslavian
When your deda drives a Yugo
Your easter eggs are coloured brown
When relatives immigrate from Yugo, they live at your house for 6 months
When your date comes to pick you up and your dad sits on the couch cleaning
his hunting gun
You're 14 and some 50 year old guy is trying to pick up on you at the hall
Your mama tells you never to cut out the "srce" of a watermelon, but the
whole slice or "tata ce da vice kada dodje kuci!"
When you pack to go for serbia and out of the 4 suitcases you are carrying,
only one of them is actually yours
When 3 different strangers are waiting for you at the airport to collect
their gifts that you are carrying with you
When you tell people you are Serbian, they always ask... "So ... What is it
like there now?"
You live in the (zabranjeno) world but when you go home, you feel like your 9 years
old all over again
When you can actually pronounce the "g" in jagnje
When your Tata always says "Dodji Tati"
When your Deda always says "Dodji Dedi"
When your mother in law puts garlic under the cradle of your baby to save
him from "uroka"
When your baba complains about the mess but does not intend on doing
anything about it
When your mama tells you that the sweetest things on earth are luk and
kiseli kupus
When your dad yells at little Serbian kids for speaking English
Your dad calls your friend Sarah > sera, and your friend Jose > koza
When your dad tells you not to drink so much, but he drinks non stop
When you're at a soccer game and your tata is yelling "j**** ja" at the
whole team and all the "amerikanci" know it can't be a good thing
Your parents tell you that "gurlz" love guys that can dance a good kolo
if your not married by the age of 20 your family wants to send you back home
to find “a nice boy”
When your family suggests that u go to Yugo to marry your cousin so u can
bring them over to Canada
Asian people are friends with your dad because he's name is Dragan. And they
think it's Dragon
You have more than 200 serbian movies, but you have never watched them
You have a good husband if he works and doesn't beat you
At your christening a silver dollar on your navel will protect you from evil
and make you rich
Baba says "palachinki" and everyone heads for the table
When she is mad your mama tells you that she will send you back to where you
came from
When your tata does a running commentary through a movie and he thinks he
knows everything that's going to happen even though he has never seen the
When you are in a circle of fellow Serbs having a conversation and anything
round dropped into the middle of the group becomes a soccer ball subject to
When you actually know what it means when Peja Stojakovic holds up three
When you put ground potatoes in your socks to cure a fever
There is always "pita" on the kitchen counter and multiple pita dough
bundles in your freezer at all times
After cooking Pita, you eat it for dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner
Your parents don't expect you to make good grades, as long as they are
better than everybody else's
Your tata yells at you "budala, neznas nista!" when you tell him that the
crowd isn't yelling "DIVAC", they are actually yelling "Defense" during the
Sacramento Kings game regardless if they are home or away
Seeing an animal's brain in the fridge doesn't freak you out
Your mom or baba only use two settings on the stove: MAX or OFF
When you call Santa "Deda Mraze"
When you mom or grandma tells you to pee before you go outside
When the only family u have here is your mom dad and siblings
You use the words brat i sestra for your brother and sister and for your
You know when you are a Serb when you are born on a Serbian Saint Day and
named after that saint.. eg Nicola, Lazer, Savo etc..
Upon meeting another Serb, one of your first questions is, "What church do
You go to?"
When at your wedding reception as you enter the hall, they play "Marsh Na
You've convinced all your friends that Bon Jovi's name is actually Bojan
You coverted the garage into a kitchen just to feed all the family and guest
that showed
When your tata chases the pigeons off the balcony with a mop, then sits down
and says "dayll be back"
When tata allways "AMMA YOY"
When everyone always turns over their cup after drinking tursku kafu even
though they know there is no one to tell them their fortune.
When your tata is looking at an old photo album and sees himself young and
says "jao sto sam bio frajer" and ur mom tells him "molim te nemoj da
When your pit bull's name is Pedja
You can make a public announcement by telling just one Serb friend something
in confidence.
As a child, the babas at your church caused you permanent brain damage from
asphyxiation by pressing your face into their ample boobs while shouting, "o
joj, zlato!" over and over again
You have an ashtray in your shower
Your parents spend hours talking about the best djubre for the vegetables
Your deda tells you that his family were the wealthiest in the village
because they owned two cows and a donkey
When you go on holiday, you take the same suitcase that your dad had with
him when he arrived in the country over 30 years ago
You are named after your ujko, stric, tata or deda
Your mother keeps buying and sending you clothes long after you have grown
up and left home
No one believes you are a Serb if you come from Texas, Alabama, Georgia or
Mississippi and have a drawl, even if your last name is Manojlovich or
You are the only race that suffers from PROMAJA
When TATA goes to any professional and says STA ON ZNA, NEMA POJMA
You know you're a Serb when your parents yell "kakva je ta skola" when you
cannot complete their tax returns while you're in the third grade.
You tell your friends that you love sipak (rosehip) jam and they have no
idea what it is
When you've heard "kuku meni" way too many times in your life ..
--- new entries ---
When your tata, ujko, stric, tetak, or deda cross their legs like a woman
When you're about 4 years old and you have to show your "cuna" to some old
Serb who gives you one dollar and is pleased to see that you are becoming a
If u hate wearing opanke but u still have to for folklore
If your American friends cant understand why you spend every summer vacation
in Yugo
If u use "bre" or "j___ g_" in your dialog
If your parents think that Yugos are the best, and the whole world is just
If your parents can't pronounce "turtle"
The only place your Djedo and Baba shop is Sears.
You believe drinking the juice from the kupus barrel is as good as a flu
Your church fries fish on Fridays
Your Baba always gestures with a large kitchen knife
Your Baba can only cook in quantities of 20.
There are enough canned goods in your Baba and Djedos cellar to stay
underground through the next millennium
A healthy Serbian breakfast is fried eggs, slanina, pogacha and a shot of
slivo or rakja. Your deda has been eating this for years and has the lowest
cholesterol count in the family.
When your mom makes you put on a sweater in the house because SHE's cold.
When you know the biggest killer of Serbs isn't heart disease or cancer, but
When your neighbors think your garage is on fire, but it's just your Dad
smoking meat.
When your entire garage smells like an outhouse from the 55 gallon barrel of
When your Dad tries to make you dring "Rasola" (kupus juice), and tries
desparately to convince you how good it is!
When everytime you ask your Dad where he's going, he says; "U g____u. Oces
li i ti?"
When people are readig this list and they are serious in analyzing each
line, contemplating its truth in depth and giving it a historical
When you have a stomach ache and your mom says "Skupi se"
Your baba, deda, tata, mama wash off every inch of concrete around your
whole house at least once a week.
When you have a wrestling match against your dad your deda laughs.
Your baba and deda are born in Croatia
When every wedding you go to the kolo is always cacak
There is no wedding without a kolo
When people at weddings shout like mad people
When a pop has a beard
When everyone likes kolo's.
Not only do you eat bread with every meal, but then you use the left-over
bread to wipe your plate clean.
You dance folklor... or if you're a guy your mom makes you
Your day suddenly lights up when you meet another Serb
You tell Americans where you are from and you end up explaining the entire
history of Yugoslavia
Tata and brat drive 75 mph with one finger on the wheel and no seat belt
while smoking and telling a story
Mama knocks on wood when saying "Hvala Bogu"
Salata is eaten with the meal, not before
Your relatives are constantly trying to hook you up with some Balkan person
they know
Deda drinks rakija to "clear his throat" in the morning
When your dad makes rakija from grapes from your backyard
When your real name is Nick/ Nikola, serbs call you Nidjo
When your dad has a ton of yarn socks from Serbia
When your relative comes from Serbia they bring home-made rakia
When your baba does all the household chores
When a relative/friend comes from Serbia, they bring chocalate for the kids.
When your dad buys a car he says it's a great car
When your baba taught you the serbian language as a kid
When your mom was the only one to buy you video games and clothes
When you need something you're dad asks right away, "sta ti treba to?"
You started smoking when you went to Serbia for the first time.
When you get back from Srbija, you immediately go on myspace and download
all the songs from Serbian singers' pages. Then listen to them for 2 months
before getting back to American music.
Your MySpace page has a hundred photos with you and your friends holding up
three fingers
When your mother or grandmother bathed you in a "korito" with boiling hot
water when you were a baby
When you translate for your father at court but he answers the judge in
You know your Serbian when your parents....relatives...... and most of all
Grandparents incourage you to drink.... and if you back away they make fun
of you.
You're the only one on your block that has Christmas lights out on your
house till well after December 25th
Your dad is out in the backyard with a large bowl or plastic bag and cutting
dandelion leaves with a knife to put in the salata.
Your parents praise the country they came from but would never move back.
You rip the hleb and eat it dry.
You eat bread that's ripped up in a bowl of hot milk and love it.
You must wear papucas (slippers) at all times so you don't catch cold

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