Who is Bill Gates? vs Who is Linus Torvalds?


Who is Bill Gates? vs Who is Linus Torvalds?

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on je besplatan
ma jok, google misli da sam na prodaju Smile

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peca is not sakic Laughing Laughing Laughing

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dexter is working in has lab while didi is breakinghis concentration
dexter is a small kid with a secret lab hidden inside his room

hehe... gde me nadje... Smile

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max is the pulpit minister at oak hills church of christ in san antonio
max is tilting at windmills ttttthe helicopter he helicopter he helicopter he helicopter he helicopter
max is maximal oxygen uptake which indicates aerobic fitness
max is known it will be possible to prescribe the ultimate personalised training schedule

O boze sta se nece setiti da napisu, a prvo sto mi izbacilo je
max is leaving
max is finally ejected
max is now blind
max is back in town
max is lost
max is so smart
max is the media
max is in control
Sve same totalne suprotnosti

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Googlism for: leggy

leggy is distracted anyway
leggy is older now
leggy is selling is a prefabricated
leggy is ok
leggy is terminally hip
leggy is a bull
leggy is running the azerbaijan end of an afghan
leggy is quite a character; i suspect they show sterling as he is tempted to create a series with an aspect of himself as the
leggy is the current asa 100m freestyle lc champion and was runner up in the 50m event
leggy is an hgv driver and part
leggy is he that his height at the withers is the same as the length of his body
leggy is a fox terrier fault
leggy is suppose to have black hair
leggy is influenced by john entwistle
leggy is involved in a giant scam
leggy is all catfight
leggy is different from us leggy in a face
leggy is going to have his own page on your site? if so
leggy is an hgv driver
leggy is a scam artist deluding people into thinking they are in watching magic
leggy is usually the 1st choice and mcculloch has taken them in the faw cup
leggy is just mind
leggy is long
leggy is chaperoning a post
leggy is to place them under a 4
leggy is not a happy bunny
leggy is for example
leggy is rewarded with a glamorous short break
leggy is trying his hand at going legit
leggy is a youthstock and zabranjeno champion in her own right having won at both country and local level
leggy is nearly back to normal
leggy is using the g7 girls as the focal point of a bet
leggy is a veteran of many an aquarius season
leggy is too popular that i cant even get to buy his toy and his bookmark
leggy is all that i can see years gone by and still elves don't age easily like leggy
leggy is blonde
leggy is hurt
leggy is he that his height at the shoulders is the same as the length of his body
leggy is even younger than her
leggy is back
leggy is confirmed in foal
leggy is just a little animal trying to make a living in the world
leggy is the fastest of the shawnimals
leggy is heartless
leggy is cute as a button
leggy is to cut one or two of the old canes down to the ground
leggy is my concubine 2002
leggy is also emzyne
leggy is going to sing
leggy is tied up
leggy is a computer genius that finished college and graduated top of his class in one day
leggy is a first
leggy is stephanie? "wiwf" "man in the moon" ad
leggy is stephanie? "wiwf" "man in the moon" ad olympic gold medalist
leggy is your cup of tea
leggy is my hero
leggy is upset about something so
leggy is mine
leggy is frozen
leggy is there
leggy is a dynamo in midfield
leggy is splendid
leggy is ousted and bd gets 1 vp and 6 blood
leggy is a good term for the tables
leggy is right
leggy is drilling the troops
leggy is that a ring showing between those cheeks? voyeur is that a ring showing between those cheeks?
leggy is starting to register perty dern high on the richter scale
leggy is involved in a
leggy is what we sang to my babysitter because this is my mother in
leggy is skating he can be very dangerous and that's what he can do
leggy is not entered in the current competition
leggy is finished off climb up and take a bite out of the make me big again toadstool
leggy is cum sucking cock

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bigtime is one of the biggest drug distributors in the state of ames
bigtime is browser
bigtime is now known as cofnchtr
bigtime is space warfare
bigtime is raking in more than $250
bigtime is not currently available
bigtime is cool
bigtime is bigtime
bigtime is a character you can create once you beat the game or something
bigtime is beyond me

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ja sam najbolji Wink

Googlism for: gamzzy
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about gamzzy yet.

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hteo sam da izbegnem ucesce u ovome, ali.... ahh neki delovi su previse funny

thinker is presented for download in five parts
- ??? nisam majke mi!!

thinker is back
-(come with me if you want to live hhahah)

thinker is used to design a program one would expect to find code fragments or pseudo code at the deepest levels of the document
- (tacno tacno iako nije dovrsena recenica..)

thinker is often involved in criminal activities in the pursuit of financial gains
- (hmmm.. kako znaju??)

thinker is very sentimental and idealistic about relationships
-(100% istina)

thinker is the manager
thinker is the writer of several silly and very incoherent tales
thinker is difficult
thinker is y2k compliant Wink

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nadalina is a member of a prominent political family from the former ussr and has an innate wisdom for communism
Shocked Nisam, majke mi! Shocked

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snoop is back on top
snoop is so kevin (MITNICK Very Happy)
snoop is favourite for huggy bear role
snoop is pissed about something
snoop is favourite for huggy bear role world entertainment news network
snoop is a muppet snoop ‘doggy’ dogg is to appear in the forthcoming muppet movie
snoop is a powerful tool that will automatically inspect and evaluate your incoming mail messages
snoop is an email checker and spam filter system
snoop is an email checker and filter system
snoop is an executable binary that puts your system?s interface
snoop is shad
snoop is full of %*$
snoop is here in part to doggedly promote the march 12 release of his cannabis comedy
snoop is a low
snoop is only available to the imms
snoop is started the snoop shell and the snoopee are linked
snoop is opened
snoop is pics compliant
snoop is britain's most popular and fastest growing glossy
snoop is afraid
snoop is still representing dpg and the tank equally
snoop is a liquid leak detector which is to be used on external surfaces only
snoop is a network sniffing tool that ships with all solaris 2
snoop is a whore and he's annoying
snoop is betta than dre
snoop is mad that cats in dre's camp is not givin him support on his fight against suge "ill make you drink yo own piss" knight my sources say that
snoop is back with some gansta sh**t
snoop is broken out in "bad boy
snoop is running on the computer?
snoop is unhappy that suge is still making money from his old songs
snoop is just an asshole
snoop is finally pushing his multi
snoop is not an "install and forget" utility
snoop is the first comprehensive software package that gives parents and teachers the ability to chaperone their children's on
snoop is only removed if lsnr & data match removesnoop public synchronized void removesnoop
snoop is "pom
snoop is trying to do here
snoop is just a rapper now
snoop is working on his next lp
snoop is warning people that for suge
snoop is actually taking the
snoop is talented and good at rhyming
snoop is leaving no limit snoop dogg plans to leave no limit after one more album
snoop is gonna die first cos a all that bionic chronic that this nigga keeps on
snoop is about 4
snoop is available for download from novell
snoop is a propylene glycol based caries detector used for indentifying infected carious dentin
snoop is only in about 25 minutes of the film
snoop is starting his own record label called "the dogg foundation" soon
snoop is sitting in the jacksonville sun
snoop is an artist and making music is his job
snoop is coming from
snoop is priced as follows
snoop is an anti
snoop is activated all invalid accesses to the custom registers will create a access fault and the installed program will be terminated
snoop is activated all invalid accesses will create an access fault and the installed program will be terminated
snoop is better
snoop is a flexible and powerful anti
snoop is gone
snoop is an executable binary that puts your system's interface
snoop is getting ready to depart
snoop is scared of suge knight
snoop is
snoop is not happy about it
snoop is a thirty
snoop is on x's album
snoop is set to 1
snoop is my favorite rapper kc
snoop is a forensic search
snoop is back with xa bite
snoop is that it was designed to work hand
snoop is good
snoop is only going to produce the movie called "doggystyle"
snoop is the
snoop is ubiquitous on
snoop is with koke
snoop is everywhere again
snoop is the leading the pack of second
snoop is a small
snoop is used in batch
snoop is the doggfather of rap music
snoop is one in which useful information was obtained
snoop is tight and who ever was posen as me is a punk representen vallejo
snoop is back with the old school
snoop is not holding his tongue
snoop is good now
snoop is here on ?just dippin

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