Rally Finland - reli 1000 jezera - 6. - 8. avgust

Rally Finland - reli 1000 jezera - 6. - 8. avgust

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Getting high for the day

Flat-out thrills
Finland’s official tourism website lists the country's main attractions as birdwatching, fishing, cycling and golf. Seems they’re missing the point somehow, as the World Rally Championship’s list of winners and champions reads like a Finnish telephone directory. Rally Finland itself is one of the most popular events on the calendar. It’s a fast gravel affair, with high-speed runs along tree-lined tracks, peppered with fast, flying yumps that demand absolute, balls-out commitment. No wonder it’s a firm favourite for teams, drivers, media and fans alike.

Up at the lakes
Formerly known as the 1000 Lakes, Rally Finland is one of the longest-standing rallies in the world. Its winners’ list reads like a Who’s Who of rallying’s greatest (and bravest) Scandinavian legends – Timo Makinen, Hannu Mikola, Stig Blomqvist, Markku Alen, Ari Vatenen, Juha Kankunnen, Carlos Sainz, Tommi Makinen and Marcus Gronholm have all celebrated multiple wins. The event is also home to one of the world’s most challenging and scariest stages – the 33.64km Ouninpohja – which the drivers both love and fear in equal measure.
24-hour party people
As ever, Rally Finland is based in the bustling student town of Jyvaskyla, located in the lake district area of central Finland. The town, which isn’t the most cultured in the world at the best of times, turns into a real party mecca for the weekend. It all makes for an incredibly friendly atmosphere that really hots up when the rally is over on the Sunday. If you’re not so nightlife-inclined, however, the area and villages around the city are picturesque and calm, with plenty of stunning scenery and woodland areas for you to explore.

Jump around
Rally Finland is all things to all drivers. To win, you need a savvy combination of tactical nous, smooth and efficient technique and flat-out commitment to cope with the high speeds, fast kinks and mammoth jumps that litter the smooth, loose-surface stages. Over the years, the event has been dominated by the Scandinavians, used to driving on roads like these since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. That local experience counts. As previous winner Carlos Sainz and last year’s victor Markko Martin have proved, however, it's anyones rally.

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