Lazarus 0.9.20 released

Lazarus 0.9.20 released

  • Pridružio: 15 Maj 2006
  • Poruke: 333
  • Gde živiš: Babušnica

Novi Lazarus Lazarus 0.9.20 released....

"The Lazarus team is glad to announce the 0.9.20 release. This release
is based on fpc 2.0.4.

Detailed list of changes:

New widgetset: fpgui

updated translations: german, finnish, catalan, russian,
italian, africaans (af-za), spanish
IDE: renaming a component now automatically renames methods
with default names, and inherited components
made TColorButton a TCustomSpeedButton descendant
from Tom Gregorovic
Capture any mouse button by setting TControl.CaptureMouseButton
property from Tom Gregorovic (#7653)
LCL: published TAction.DisableIfNoHandler
LCL: setup better default properties for png writer
from Tom Gregorovic
IDE: project directory is now added to the include path
of all project directories
sqldb package: added TOracleConnection to component palette
win32 installer: fixed including the binutils from fpcbuild
creating package makefiles: the win64 OS uses the win32 widget set
svn2revisioninc can parse svn 1.4 meta data to determine a version
debugger: added dwarfloading to windebugger
added exception dissection
added linenumber address resolving
added setting of breakpoints
the search results window now has a close button for non gtk users
trayiconlaz: moved TTrayIcon to 'additional' tab in component
palette for Delphi compatibility
LCL: added TStaticText to 'additional' tab in component palette
for Delphi compatibility
IDEIntf: image list editor: implemented auto splitting
of added image from Etrusco
synedit: codefolding is now completely implemented and
enabled as default in the IDE. It uses simple begin..end blocks
as demonstration. Eventually nicer block boundaries will be used.
grids, picklist select fixed
TrimFilename no longer reduces ${Macro}/.. directories
cups printing: implemented default paper sizes from Jesus
moved code from TControlScrollBar to TScrollingWinControl,
deriving TScrollingWinControl from TCustomControl from Flavio
added example to add IDE help for the sources of a package
test runner: added writing results to file
and showing simple progress
fpcunit: new console runner uses new fpcunitconsolerunner package

qt intf:
Patch from zeljko. Implements TQtAbstractSlider, TQtScrollBar,
TQtTrackBar, TQtPen (CreatePenIndirect)
and TQtRegion (CreateRectRgn).
Unified qt4 header files. Updated bindings to 1.21
added support for menus, font, progressbar and statusbar

And two hundred fixes and minor improvements."

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