In My Own Dreams

In My Own Dreams

  • Pridružio: 18 Apr 2003
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In My Own Dreams

Every time in my own dreams
I heard your voice and your screams
See your life before my eyes
See your deeds and your lies

I close my eyes to see your face
To follow you to find the trace
Trace that lead us to the promiced land
To understand the message you send


Everytime i fall asleep
I think about you
Every time you into deep
I tried to help you

The way is so long i cant follow
Sitting egzosted and all in sorrow
For not completed the task i should
Helping my self to understood

You are now so far away
Living alone i could only pray
But when i close my eyes ill hope you be there
I tried to close it but i couldnt dare


pesma ponovo posvecena istoj osobi..., ali sada sa naslovom Smile

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