Koji si horoskopski znak?


Koji si horoskopski znak?

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more ima nesto ima

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Ne brini, horoskopi i astrologija NISU i ponavljam NISU proricanje sudbine, citanje buducnosti i slicne gluposti u koje mnogo ljudi veruje bez preke potrebe. Astrologija je pre svega psihoanaliza licnosti preko uticaja zvezda i planeta u trenutku rodjenja i kroz zivot. Ako je kao takvu shvatis, nece biti potrebe da se branis od nje hriscanstvom, jer religiju astrologija i ne napada, niti je anulira ili propoveda da nema Boga!

Astrologija ne bi bila deo svih civilizovanih drustava koje covecanstvo poznaje da u njoj nema bar zrno tacnosti... Ako ti osoba koju prvi put vidis u zivotu kaze neke stvari o tebi koje znas samo ti, onda tu mora da ima necega... Opet kazem O TEBI, a ne STA CE TI SE DESITI. Kvazi astrolozi koji uzimaju pare ljudima govoreci im 'upoznaces stranca' (jok, upoznaces nekog ko ti nije stranac!?) i 'bices srecna kad prodje pun mesec' su obicni sarlatani i prevaranti.

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JeLeNaAaAaAa ::jarac sam ali inace ne vjerujem u horokop jer nije po hriscanstvu Exclamation

hriscanski je i :

1)ne pozeleti nista tudje

2)ne vrsiti preljube


voleti bliznjeg kao samog sebe(jedno od dve najvece zapovesti)

i po hriscanstvu nije ni gledanje u karte,niti gledanje u talog kafe.Tako da ima toga dosta sto nije po hriscanstvu,treba postovati redom,a ne odmah ici na postovanje tako sto se nece voleti horoskop.

Dopuna: 04 Jul 2005 16:47

MoscowBeast ::@JeLeNaAaAaAa

Ne brini, horoskopi i astrologija NISU i ponavljam NISU proricanje sudbine, citanje buducnosti i slicne gluposti u koje mnogo ljudi veruje bez preke potrebe. Astrologija je pre svega psihoanaliza licnosti preko uticaja zvezda i planeta u trenutku rodjenja i kroz zivot. Ako je kao takvu shvatis, nece biti potrebe da se branis od nje hriscanstvom, jer religiju astrologija i ne napada, niti je anulira ili propoveda da nema Boga!

pravoslavna religija ne priznaje horoskop,cisto za tvoju informaciju.I moze veoma lako horoskop da postane proricanje sudbine.

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Astrologija je stara gotovo koliko i civilizacija,zna se da su i stari Asteci imali horoskop,kinezi pre vise od 3000 godina,no,to nije pitanje.Astrologija sluzi,koliko ja znam,da ti da smernice ka tome koji dani su ,zbog uticaja odredjenih planeta povoljniji od ostalih i za koje aspekte zivota.Mesec ,to je i naucno dokazano,ima ogroman uticaj na covekovo ponasanje,zavisno od faze u kojoj se nalazi,sunce takodje.Mislim da astrologija ne bi trebalo da se zanemari,jedino sarlatanstvo koje se siri ovde kao pozar.

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  • Pridružio: 20 Feb 2005
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naravno da je stara ali se koristi i za proricanje sudbine.Recimo cesto je fizicari ne priznaju kao nauku.A pravoslavlje je odbacuje takodje.

  • Pridružio: 16 Apr 2005
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U pravu si ,potpuno jer astrologija ne bi smela nikada da se koristi kao proricanje sudbine.A sto se fizicara tice,tacnije astronoma,neka odgovore na pitanje sta bi se desilo da mesec ne utice na povisenje i snizenje nivoa tecnosti na zemlji,a posto je covek sazdan od oko 70% vode,kako to da nema uticaj na covekovo ponasanje.Zasto onda venera ili mars ne bi takodje imali uticaja na zemlju i ljude?Cak i oni upozoravaju ponekada na geomagnetne bure i njihov los uticaj po ljude,postoji nesto sto se zove bio-prognoza,itd.Mislim da astrologija ne bi mogla dugo da se odrzi da nema bar neke istine u njoj.

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Ovan - Rak

Neverujem u horoskop i ne želim da verujem ali me plasi to sto nekada primecujem odredjenu slicnost izmedju odredjenih osoba koje neznam a kasnije se ispostavi sa su isti horoskopski znak. savet Ovnovima klopnite se strelaca bar pogubno deluju na mene. Iskoriste me uvek ali iuvek dobiju od mene ono sto zele.

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Potreban prevodilac i tumac (mali oglas!!!).
Sta kaze,sta kaze???

Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question

Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries

While your essential inner nature is yielding and congenial, circumstances have probably

thrust you into a position of leadership. Actually, however, you are most comfortable in an

organizing capacity. You are most at ease with people when there is companionship,

reciprocity, and exchange of ideas. You work well in groups, partnerships, and cooperative

operations. You are the arbitrator, fusing together opposites, often achieving balance and

coordination. But your impulsiveness might tip the scales in the other direction. You can

become unbalanced and use rash judgment. Always aware of both sides of the issue, you become

frustrated when you probe too deeply, so you sympathize with all sides and remain

exasperatingly inconclusive.

In love you are affectionate and often passionate. With your insight you can be a great

source of comfort to your love partner. You come by your knowledge more through intuition

than through intellect. You have a sixth sense that allows you to appraise situations

exactly and see through to the heart of a problem.

The key to a more harmonious self lies in curbing your aggressive tendencies and allowing

your communicative, companionable self to filter through. By relaxing your search for

harmony and the perfect balance, you will be more at peace with yourself and others.

Ascendant in Sagittarius, Jupiter in the Ninth House

At the time of your birth the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius was ascending in the horizon. Its

ruler Jupiter is located in the ninth house.

Sagittarius rising denotes lives which are very dualistic; situations come and go as if

divided into two sides - success and failure.

If you are able to raise the interests of your mind from common and trivial things to more

profound subjects, your intellect will become very philosophical and attracted by law and

peace, and it will be more intuitive than rational. In any case your life will be colored by

impulsive and rather stubborn tendencies on your part, creating some inclination to go to


During the course of your existence you must try to develop intuition and human

understanding so that you may be in a position to assist other people with your advice.

Sagittarius gives you a rather strong love of nature and makes you somewhat extroverted,

demonstrative and passionate, falling in love frequently and without reservations. You are

an intellectual, an intelligent person who has been fortunate enough to be granted also a

good development of the emotional functions.

Your romantic life will be intense and varied. Your object of love may find you difficult to

understand. In one aspect you will appear as passionate and energetic but because of the

mutability of the sign you will also have an opposite tendency that will lead you away from

involvement in the love affair and the latter impulse will be caused by a more inner trait,

which is personal freedom.

Generally speaking, the sign of Sagittarius will incline you to exist in environments in

which your physical body, emotions and thoughts are allowed total freedom for development.

On a higher intellectual level you may find yourself inclined to dwell in the deep

complexities of philosophy, metaphysics, religion and law. You are versatile enough to study

more than one discipline simultaneously not forgetting to keep your body in physical

movement, since you require both intellectual and physical exercise.

Depending on your social level, this position is ideal for a religious or philosophical

person. However, if the cosmic condition of Jupiter is not satisfactory.

You may become inclined to sectarianism in religion or perhaps ardent materialism. This

position is a good hint to success obtained through travelling in foreign countries. It also

gives excellent prospects in connection with legal affairs.

Moon in the Fourth House

The Moon was found in the fourth house at the time of your birth. Moon here will definitely

influence events concerning your mother, places of residence and family matters.

Both your childhood and even your older age will be characterized by a love of romance,

various journeys, and interesting adventures.

The liability of this astrological combination is that it gives you an uncertain position in

life and a perpetual striving for material security that seems to be hard to come by. This

may be relieved temporarily by your receiving a small inheritance and will be almost

overcome by the final years of your life by excellent family care and assistance.

Saturn in the Ninth House

Saturn was found in the ninth house at the time of birth. This indicates that your concern

over the impermanence of all things will urge you to restrict your personality traits and

assume a position of caution and planning before pursuing any important matter.

In a practical sense, your attitude to all higher intellectual functions is that of a

studious, serious, and meditative person. You must, however, be attentive to the possible

presence of several challenging elements in your intellectual make-up such as depression,

fear, and severity.

Sun in the Tenth House

The Sun was in the tenth house at the time of birth. The Sun here promises honor, success,

and prestige in zabranjeno life. Publicly you appear as a vital, proud, powerful person. Your

individuality has the need to manifest itself publicly and often to foist its energy on

others. You have come to life with a satisfactory physical and moral heredity and you are

going to acquire the favorable disposition of many persons of power to assist you in your

ascent through life.

Your liabilities include an exaggerated pride, arrogance and a tendency to rely too much on

your own resources.

Venus in the Tenth House

Venus was found in the tenth house at the time of birth.

You will appear as a person who seeks harmony, inclined as you are to observe the aesthetic

value of all things in life, to engage in artistic activities and to possess all that is

lovely and beautiful. You have sufficient potential to achieve success in life, especially

if your occupation is artistic or musical.

Much of your success is a consequence of applied interest and hard work; you posses merit

and ability, and your congenial, intelligent manner produces a very exalted image.

In any case, there are very good possibilities for the acquisition of some social

distinction, a good reputation and financial success at some period of your life.

Planetary positions
planet sign degree house motion
Sun Libra 11°33'45 10 direct
Moon Aries 05°51'59 04 direct
Mercury Libra 27°21'00 10 direct
Venus Libra 22°31'51 10 direct
Mars Leo 06°11'48 08 direct
Jupiter Virgo 01°09'18 09 direct
Saturn Virgo 20°19'25 09 direct
Uranus Scorpio 18°57'07 11/12 direct
Uranus is technically near the end of house 11 and is interpreted in house 12.
Neptune Sagittarius 18°04'15 01 direct
Pluto Libra 18°49'57 10 direct
True Node Virgo 08°10'47 09 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Sagittarius 08°52'05
2nd House Capricorn 13°13'23
3rd House Aquarius 24°25'08
Imum Coeli Aries 01°34'31
5th House Aries 29°33'08
6th House Taurus 20°52'20
Descendant Gemini 08°52'05
8th House Cancer 13°13'23
9th House Leo 24°25'08
Medium Coeli Libra 01°34'31
11th House Libra 29°33'08
12th House Scorpio 20°52'20
Major aspects
Sun Opposition Moon 5°42
Sun Sextile Mars 5°22
Sun Sextile Neptune 6°31
Sun Conjunction Pluto 7°16
Sun Sextile Ascendant 2°42
Moon Trine Mars 0°20
Moon Trine Ascendant 3°00
Mercury Conjunction Venus 4°49
Mercury Sextile Jupiter 3°48
Venus Sextile Neptune 4°28
Venus Conjunction Pluto 3°42
Mars Trine Ascendant 2°40
Saturn Sextile Uranus 1°22
Saturn Square Neptune 2°15
Neptune Sextile Pluto 0°46

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Bik - podznak devica, mada bas nesto ne verujem u horoskop

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