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Citat:Group your taskbar icons. Combine related programs on your Windows 7 taskbar into "Bins."

Reduce clutter, and get at your programs quickly. Create a Bin by dragging one taskbar icon on top of another, and dropping into the popup that appears. Ungroup shortcuts by dragging the icon back to the taskbar. No need to open a settings screen; Bins is simple and intuitive.

Once combined into a Bin, your shortcuts will appear instantly when you mouse over the group’s icon, for launching or for window-management. Move your mouse away and your Bin will tuck back into the taskbar.

Want a favorite folder or document more easily on hand? Bins allows you to pin any file or folder to your taskbar natively.

Bins is now available in public beta! Click download to give it a try. Please note: while Bins is free during the beta period, there will be a small charge for it upon final release.


Citat:Operating Systems: Windows 7

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