Firefox 2.0 RC x


Firefox 2.0 RC x

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stefke_W_ ::Mozilla Firefox 2.0 RC2

jel' ovde ne radi update preko help-a
sada sam na 2.0 RC1

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bice za nedelju dana najkasnije Smile

Dopuna: 09 Okt 2006 14:24

Portable Firefox 2.0 RC2
Size: 5.71 MB

Portable Firefox is a fully functional solution of Firefox optimized for use on a USB key drive.

It has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform faster and extend the life of your USB key as well as a specialized launcher that will allow most of your favorite extensions to work as you switch computers.

It will also work from a CDRW drive (in packet mode), ZIP drives, external hard drives, some MP3 players, flash RAM cards and more


Dopuna: 17 Okt 2006 14:28

Firefox Portable 2.0 RC 3 Released
Submitted by John T. Haller on October 16, 2006 - 11:45pm.

Firefox logoMozilla Firefox - Portable Edition 2.0 Release Candidate 3 has been released. Firefox Portable is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser packaged as a portable app, so you can take your browser, bookmarks and extensions with you on your USB flash drive, iPod, CD or other portable device. This package allows you to test what should be the final Firefox 2.0 release candidate alongside your regular Firefox (or Firefox Portable) install without impacting your bookmarks, extensions, settings, etc. Grab a copy today from the Firefox Portable 2.0 RC 3 homepage.


Dopuna: 17 Okt 2006 21:46

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 release candidate 3

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