GameSave Manager

GameSave Manager

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GameSave Manager

Ever had to format your system?

Perhaps you have been victim of file corruption which also victimised your gamesaves?
Maybe you just wish to transfer your gamesave(s) to your new machine, or to take with you to a friend's?

With GameSave Manager, you can easily backup, restore and transfer your gamesave(s).
No longer do you need to manually track through all of the those different directories to backup/restore/transfer your gamesaves, making it great for those who like to share gamesave progress with friends/family, format frequently, paranoid about data loss, etc...

Feature List:

● 100% FREE
No catch, no adware, no spyware... Just 100% free.
● No dependances
GameSave Manager doesn't need things like .NET Framework installed to run.
● Attractive yet easy to use GUI
The GUI (Graphical User Interface) was designed around navigation and ease of use. Ontop of that, it looks quite pretty.
● Built-in Update Checker
Completely optional: Check for Program (and Database) updates upon Program Startup.
● Regular Database Updates
The "Officially Supported Games" database is forever growing, thus it's always being updated.
This database is based upon the community's feedback.
● FTP Support
Automatically upload your backups to your own private FTP Server upon their creation.
● 7-Zip Support
Enable 7-Zip support for theorecticaly shorter backup times.
● Backup Validation
Checks if the specified Backup Archive can be restored without issue by running tests and caching each gamesave.
This feature runs by default upon a Backup Archive being created.
● DropBox Support
Automatically backup your gamesaves to your "DropBox Sync Directory", allowing you to store your backups effortlessly in your DropBox Account.
● Sync & Link
Move your gamesaves to your "DropBox Sync Directory", while creating Symbolic Links in their original place allowing for true "on-the-cloud" gamesaves.
Haven't got DropBox? Then move your gamesaves to one directory on your system for easier access.
Running Windows XP? Then NTFS Junctions will be used.
● Scheduled Tasks
Setup automated backups to run at whatever day / time you wish.
● Custom Gamesave Entries
Got a game that's not supported? Simply add them yourself via "Custom Gamesave Entries".
● Steam Spreader
Got an SSD? Running out of space on your Steam Partition?
Use "Steam Spreader" to move entire Steam-purchased games onto other partitions and drives (on a per game basis) while creating Symbolic Links to their new locations, allowing you to get the max out of your SSD with your favourite game(s).
Running Windows XP? Then NTFS Junctions will be used instead.
● Dynamic Restoring
GameSave Manager dynamically detects restore paths, allowing you to restore gamesaves on your PC even if you've installed the games in a different directory / drive than before.
● Transfer gamesaves
Quickly and easily share gamesaves with friends and family.
● Highly Customisable
Loads of Program Settings you can adjust, allowing you to configure GameSave Manager to your own specific needs.
● Seperate Archives
Optionally create seperate Backup Archives for each gamesave selected.
● Backup upon change
Only create a new backup when/if the gamesave has been modified since the last backup (only works with "Create separate archives").

List of supported games:

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Wow, fenomenalan program.
Upravo sam ovako nesto trazio!

Bas sam imao tih problema gore navedenih.
Well, no more!

Hvala Slobo! Ziveli

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GameSave Manager 3.0.238


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GameSave Manager: 3.1.467.0
13th January 2020



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